Ive always loved you



3. movies

A few weeks had passed me and vikki were now dating Luke and Michael cal still had poppy and ash was single I got a text asking to go to the movies

It was from Luke so we then got ready and went to the movies "if Michael makes us go to Pizza Hut again I'm going to hit him with a pizza" I told vikki as she laughed "he won't he will be to busy throwing pop corn at Luke" vikki said as we got there I saw cal on his own "where's poppy" I said to Luke "she cheated on cal so they broke up" Luke said as I nearly cried why would she do that I thought as then Luke hugged me "don't worry he will be fine we got in the movies and all sat down and watched the Lego movie vikki was right about Michael throwing pop corn at Luke "Michael stop it" I said as I got told to shhhhh by people

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