Ive always loved you



1. meeting the boys

So my names kat and me and my friend vikki were out shopping when we ran into our fav store it was an all punk clothing store I had been waiting all summer to go there

We got in the store and I couldn't reach my top I wanted for ages when I notice some one get it "hey that's" I said as I noticed it was a tall blind boy "you want this" he said as he smiled "Urm yeah" I said trying to grab it off him "hey arnt you Luke Hemmings" I said as he looked shocked "Urm yeah" Luke said as I got my top "Luke stop messing around" I heard a familiar voice say it was Michael "kat look who I just met" vikki said as I laughed "and look who I just met" I said pointing at Luke as cal and ash walked by cal had some girl with him

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