Ive always loved you



15. come back

A few days had gone by and I had only seen ash vikki and Michael I went to the mall and gone back to my fav store the punk one as soon as I walked in I saw Luke "Luke what are you doing here" I said Luke then walked up and hugged me "I missed you do you rerember this is where we met" Luke said I was about to cry "Luke we can't-" Luke cut me off again and kissed me "Luke but cal what are we going to do" I said

"I met you first and I want you" Luke said "I want you to Luke but I don't want to hurt anyone" I said "kat your not hurting anyone cal shouldn't be trying to take you off me" Luke said I just looked down "I'm sorry" I said "please come back with me" Luke said "okay I will but what about cal" I said Luke smiled "cal will have to deal with it

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