Ive always loved you



8. can't share a girl

I went upstairs and saw cal lying down "cal what's wrong" I said lying down next to him "nothing go down and watch the film" cal said I tiggled him again "no I'm going to cheer you up" I said squishing his checks "come on caly waly" I said smiling he then grabbed me and tiggled me "stop it stop it" said laughing "no not until you stop squishing my cheeks" cal said "bit that's imposible" I said as I got up "now come on" I said walking to the door "Luke wants you to cow. Watch the film" I said cal then looked sad again "are you okay everytime I mention Luke you get all sad have you two fallen out or Somthing" I said I walked back to the bed and sat looking at cal "no it's just Luke has Somthing I want but can't have" cal said I smiled "can't you ask for it back" I said "no it's his and I can't take it off him" cal said "well can't you share it" I said cal smiled "kat we can't share a girl" cal said "bu-" before I could talk cal kissed me "guys the films almost over" Luke said walking in

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