I Know You Want Too

"No Justin, I don't want to," to be truly honest with you, it was hard to say that because I've had a thing for Justin for a long time. "Don't worry baby, it won't hurt a bit." Justin said in a flirty yet sexy way. "Just let me take over." Justin spoke. "No, I won't let you do this to me." In return I gave him a kiss to make it less awkward for him.


1. Waiting

I felt the splash of water hit my thigh from a car as I was walking home in the rain. I had my umbrella up guarding myself from the wet. I checked my phone to see if I had any messages but I had none. I was listening to "lonely tonight" by Blake Shelton from my iPod. 


I had just left the library which was where I had been studying for the last 2 hours and it was now 5:30 pm. I heard a car behind me reving so I automatically turned around to see where it was comming from. I saw a big 4WD and I could her a faint beat, it sounded like they were playing loud music. 


The car pulled over just infront of me and to be honest I was a little nervous. Ash got out. Ash was a good friend of mine and we went to all our parties together and did all our stuff together. "hey Cat!" ash yelled from the car step, "wanna lift?" she yelled and of course I was a little nervous knowing that ash always gets her skinny ass into trouble but I would rather be with a group if dimwits then walk in the rain. "yeah sure I replied. But quite late as I had to think the whole situation through.


I jumped into the car and say next to ash. She was making out with a boy who looked quite sexy from what i could see of him. Ash pulled away and whipped her mouth smudging her pink lipstick. "so? How are ya?" she asked in quite a drunk way. I presumed she was drunk anyway. "good." I replied.


I took a quick look around the car. Their was two guys in the front. The one driving had medium length light brown dreadlocks and the other guy in the passenger seat had short brown hair with his fringe styled up and a cute manner. I looked behind and saw two other guys and a girl. One of the guys was making out with the girl the other was drunk holding a bottle and smoking a cigarette. To be honnest most of the boys were hot. But I could tell that they well all bad news. 

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