I Know You Want Too

"No Justin, I don't want to," to be truly honest with you, it was hard to say that because I've had a thing for Justin for a long time. "Don't worry baby, it won't hurt a bit." Justin said in a flirty yet sexy way. "Just let me take over." Justin spoke. "No, I won't let you do this to me." In return I gave him a kiss to make it less awkward for him.


2. Should I?

The car pulled over at a big house. "get out boys" the guy in the front seat yelled. The guy who was driving the car came to my door and opened it. "ah hey. I'm Blake nice to meet you." he explained he was much nicer than I thought. "I'm Catrina but everyone calls me Cat." I said back. Blake put his arm out and gestured for me to grab onto it to get a hand out of the car. I grabbed his hand and he helped me out. "so you must be Ashleigh's friend...?" Blake asked as we were walking toward the house. "is this your house?" I asked politely. "yeah I took ownership of it after my parents died..." Blake said, "I soon needed people to live with so I invited Justin and then people just kept adding along the way. You are our newest member." he finished. 


"oh no. Sorry I just needed a lift home so yeah, I'm not realy staying." I explained. "awh! Why not. A beautiful girl like you could fill the space in my bed." Blake flirted. A small chuckle escaped my lips. 


Blake opened the front door to the house, "ladies first," he winked. I blushed. He closed the door behind him. "wow! This place is amazing" I exclaimed while looking around. "you should stay for dinner." Blake said. "well I don't know," I looked at my phone, "no ones worried about me so why not." I said. "great! It'll be loads of fun." Blake said 


I walked around and Blake showed me around. I saw ash and that guy from the car making out on the couch... Again. "aye Blake?!" I head a voice call. "oh hey Justin, this is cat she's new to the 'gang'" they giggled. "hey baby nice to meet you." Justin said and chuckled and then winked at me. "uh? We're having take away probably, it's fucking Friday night, we're supposed to be partying not having little cute dates." both the boys laughed and then Justin walked away. "why don't I take you up stairs to my bedroom and you can freshen up?" Blake insisted. I followed him up stairs to his room. 


His room was big with a queen bed, a walk in robe, a lounge and T.V and a walk in bathroom. "you don't mind if I wait of you on the couch?" Blake asked. "sure" I replied. I took my jeans and top off and turned the water on. "ah Blake" I said in my underwear and bra. He turned around admiring my cute body. "yeah babe?" he said. Hes never called me that before I think I was turning him on. "need a towel." I said then continued undressing myself, then hopped into the shower. 

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