I Know You Want Too

"No Justin, I don't want to," to be truly honest with you, it was hard to say that because I've had a thing for Justin for a long time. "Don't worry baby, it won't hurt a bit." Justin said in a flirty yet sexy way. "Just let me take over." Justin spoke. "No, I won't let you do this to me." In return I gave him a kiss to make it less awkward for him.


3. F*** you Blake

I hopped onto the bed next to Blake where he was sitting in his boxers. He winked at me. I just smiled back. He started rubbing my leg and I knew where it was heading to so I broke the awkwardness. "I'm quite hungry."  I said to try and distract him. "then why don't you go down on my baby. Have some if my sugar." Blake strayed pushing my head down toward his crotch. "NOOO! STOP!" I yelled. Someone came running in. "Oi! Oi! Why the hell is going on?" the guy yelled. It was Justin. "get the fuck out of here Justin." Blake cried "no." Justin snappped back. "you've had way too much to brink bro, your scaring her." Justin walker up to me and grabbed my hand and took me off the bed. Tears started flooding my eyes. "come back here baby!" Blake yelled. I disnt know what too say I just looked at him about to cry. "come on Cat Lets go." Justin said while death staring Blake. He closed the door behind him and we stated to walk away. I started ballaing out crying. "hey...hey, it's okay. Your safe with me now." Justin said comforting me. "what he do babe?" Justin asked politely, "but if you dot wanna talk about it it's okay. Okay?" he asked. "Blake wanted me to give him a blow job." I said and started crying in Justin's shoulder. It's okay. I'll sleep on the floor tonight if your gonna stay, just incase you don't trust me either." I giggled causing snot to erupt from my nose. "eww" Justin said playfully handing me a tissue. "I trust you Justin" I said. 


After dinner Justin told me to come to his room. We sat and cuddled for a bit and then I fell asleep in the comfort if his arms. 

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