Love to Hate

Cyrus is the always the new kid, the outsider, the freak, and he has no reason to expect things will change at his new boarding school. But perhaps that's because he didn't expect to meet Hayden, his fun, popular roommate who's hell bent on breaking Cy's icy exterior. Cover by the marvelous River_Summers!!

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35. [Sequel]

Hello, friends. I noticed that there was quite a disparity between followers of this story and followers of the sequel, The Long Run. Almost half of my readers were lost in the transition, and, while it may just be wishful thinking, it occured to me that you might have never gotten a notification about the sequel since I just tacked it onto the the end of the final chapter. As such, here is your notification. There is a (finished) sequel called The Long Run which can be accessed through my profile page. A third called Just Push Play is also finished, if you're interested. Just so this notice seems to have some sort of purpose, have an excerpt from chapter one of The Long Run:


    Hayden lay on his stomach, sweat plastering his thin t-shirt to his back. The blankets of his air mattress bed were balled up in a heap on the floor. A fan hummed in the window, but Hayden didn’t think it was doing much good. He regarded it with mild displeasure, then collapsed back onto his pillow. The heat was draining his strength. Frowning, Hayden pressed the power button on his phone again. The screen lit up to show his background, a picture of himself and Cyrus taken shortly before summer began, but no new messages. 

    Hayden wished Cyrus would call. It had been a good week since they last spoke in person, and the texts they exchanged were brief. Cyrus was busy; apparently engineering camp at Princeton was an academic force to be reckoned with. Still, couldn’t he shave out a half an hour to talk to his boyfriend?

    Stop it, Hayden chided himself. Don’t do this again. He reminded himself that it wasn’t Cyrus’s fault he was busy. It wasn’t even his fault that he was at the stupid camp in the first place. Cyrus wasn’t avoiding him, he was just… preoccupied. Engineering was hard. That was all. Even so, the lack of messages combined with the heat didn’t do any favors for Hayden’s mood. 

    There was a knock on the door. “Go away,” Hayden said, burying his face in the pillow.

    The door opened. “It’s my room, too,” Will said petulantly. “It was my room first.”

    Hayden simply grunted in response, not looking up at his brother. As much as Will was happy that Hayden was staying with them for the summer, it was clear that he was looking forward to getting his room back in two weeks when Hayden moved into college. Hayden wouldn’t be disappointed to get a real mattress either; sleeping on an blow-up one wasn’t bad for maybe a camping trip, but all the time? It sucked. Hayden also knew for a fact that the entire household didn’t appreciate it when he fired up the air compressor after waking up to a deflated mattress in the middle of the night.

    The bottom line was Hayden would have rather still been a dorm room with Cyrus. 

    As if reading his thoughts, Will asked, “So, have you heard from Cyrus?”

    “No,” Hayden replied, stifling a sigh. 

    “Well, that explains the mood.”

    Looking up sharply, Hayden asked, “What mood?”

    Will just rolled his eyes. “Why don’t you just give him a call?”

    “If he didn’t reply to my last five texts, why would he answer my phone call?” Hayden wiped a bead of sweat from his brow and got up to stand in front of the fan.

    “You’re blocking the wind,” Will complained. “This room is stuffy enough because you had the door closed.” Scowling, Hayden moved out of the way, instead sitting next to Will on the bed. “And I kind of figured Cyrus would answer because, you know, he’s your boyfriend?”

    “I thought so too,” Hayden grumbled.

    Will gave Hayden a sympathetic look. “He’s just busy, Hayden. He still loves you, or whatever.”

    Rolling his eyes, Hayden asked, “When did you become the relationship guru?”

    “Shut up,” Will replied. “Just remember spring break when he came down here after you. He’s obviously crazy about you.”

    “Yeah,” Hayden said. He looked down at his hands. “Yeah, well, a lot can change in a few months, little brother.”

    “Has it?”

    “I don’t know,” Hayden admitted softly. 


---You'll find the rest in the movella! Thanks and have a wonderful day :) ---

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