These Scars

I love to write and this is one of my many writings.


1. These Scars.

These Scars

I scratch these scars until they bleed. Regularly; I am wandering my thoughts wonder too much. What have I become? I asked myself. There was once a time where I was, but a young innocent child. What happened?

            Influences; usually not the best ones. Yeah, I started out great. Went to church followed the rules, but there was always this tendency I had to be a rebel some days. So I guess I was one, and grew up one.

            Some things change. Like, stop going to church; your ways may change. Continue to not listen; you cause more trouble. So you see; We keep scratching and scratching until we bleed. Well, I know that I did. Why didn't I just leave the past in the past?

            The past is often revisited by many. Maybe because you had a great memory with a person to whom is no longer here. That's not usually the case to which you bleed. This may sound like complete nonsense to you, but makes absolutely perfect sense to me.

            We revisit our past. Our mistakes. We sometimes see them as "Worth It" Worth getting hurt, worth getting in trouble, worth it all. We tell ourselves these things so we don't have to continue to make ourselves feel the guilt that should be forgotten. But instead we revisit the ideas we once had; that was in the past, but now stands in the future.

I scratch these scars until they bleed.

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