Brother and me

What if your brother was Harry Styles and you got to go everywhere with one direction.



 We all ate our breakfast and got our suitcases and left. We finally got on the tour bus and we were ready to go. We had to pick who we'd be sharing a bunk bed I picked Louis. I've always liked him he just was understanding. I mean don't get me wrong all the guys are like brothers to me except Harry because he's my actual brother. Anyways Louis is just my best friend I can tell him anything. We all went to the main area and watched a couple of movies like first we watched divergent (my pick) then we watched Saw and then Jaws and then it was already 8:00 so we then thought we'd play a bored game.So we played Clue. It was really fun.


It was now 11:33 so we decided to go to bed. Me and Louis stayed and cleaned up the bored game. Then we started to talk.  Then when we were cleaning I tripped on baseball bat and almost fell but Louis caught me. Our faces were inches away and I looked deep in his eyes and I really wanted to kiss him but I wasn't sure.

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