Brother and me

What if your brother was Harry Styles and you got to go everywhere with one direction.


3. love

As we stood there our faces inches from touching Niall came through the door. Oh sorry didn't mean to interrupt anything. Niall said. Louis brought me up quickly. No you didn't interrupt anything. Louis said. I gave Niall an angry glare. See Niall was my best friend. He was always there to talk to me when I needed to talk and I didn't want to talk to anyone else. Niall knew everything about me. He knew when I was lying or was sad and he knew I really liked Louis so I got pretty angry when he interrupted that moment between me and Louis. Well goodnight mates. Louis said as he walked to our bunk. Me Niall Sat on the couch. Sorry for that I just really needed some water. Niall said apologetically. It's fine I don't even think he likes me like that. I said sadly. Well we best be off to bed big concert tomorrow. Niall said. Yeah I know.I said. I walked into the room seeing Louis on the top bunk. I got into bed and closed my eyes.

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