Brother and me

What if your brother was Harry Styles and you got to go everywhere with one direction.


6. Lies change everything

Avery quickly put a fake scared face. She threatened me and said if I don't leave she'll kill me. Avery said in a scared voice. Is this true Olivia. Harry said in a stern voice. NO why would I threaten her. I said. She did threaten me and said she wanted you boys all to herself. Avery said. Olivia can you tell the truth. Harry said. Sure I'll tell you the truth she's lying because she hates me and she thinks I think I'm better than everyone else just because I hang out with you guys. Avery. Harry said. I never said any of those things she's lying to you.Avery said so innocently. You just won't stop lying to them will you. I said to her. Look enough Olivia your my sister and it's always been just you me and the boys so I think you should just not come in the concerts anymore. Harry said. Niall and Louis looked at each other and looked like they believed me and were really angry at Harry. This is what I get for trying to be honest and nice. I said before running off crying.


I was sitting on the ground leaned against the side of the concert building. I was thinking things will never be the same. I was out side but I could here Harry talking into one of the microphones. I heard someone walk up to me. They leaned down next to me. Hey what's the little princess doing all alone out here. He said. I looked up at him. JAMES!!! I yelled. I jumped on him to hug him and we fell to the ground. I got up and helped him get up. What are you doing here I thought you were in north Carolina . I said. Well I moved next to you and I didn't know I did until you came out of the house and went in the car I didn't have time to say hi. He said. Well I'm glad your here. Wait if we live in California why are you in Florida. I said curious. Um I really wanted to see you. He said a little embarrassed. We stared laughing and we walked to the tour bus.



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