Brother and me

What if your brother was Harry Styles and you got to go everywhere with one direction.


7. James is back

Me and James were watching how I met your mother reruns. We probably laughed way more than we should have. Your probably wondering how I know James, well while growing up me and Harry were really close put we didn't really talk in public. He had his friends and I had James. Yes James was my only friend growing up but don't feel pity for me see people didn't beat me my parents loved me and Harry equally I just kept to myself until James came around. He was a new kid and I had to show him around. We talked we started to become friends but I just liked being alone with my own mind but James would always pushed it. He would sit with me at lunch and in class. He was always there for me when I when I needed someone most. But like all things it ended mine and Harry's parents had to move. Me and James tried to keep in contact but it didn't work soon we had other things to worry about. And don't even think that me and him like like each other. He was like the brother I could talk to. He probably knows more about me than Niall. So yeah back to the present. Suddenly James eyes were staring at the kitchen with an evil grin. What? I said sternly. I bet you that you can't eat a whole pie without you hands. He said. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! I yelled. See what I did there, Barney Stinson lol. Me and James used to do this all the time when we were kids. Me and James ran to the kitchen. I grabbed a pie out of the fridge and put it on the table. How do you have a pie? James asked me. Niall. I said simply. Oh. He said back not surprised. I lent over the pie with my hands behind my back. Ready? I asked James. Hold on! James yelled. He pulled out his phone and started to record me. Ok go. He said with a smile.  Your weird. I said before putting my face in the pie. Ha! James started to laugh. I kept eating. It was starting to get on the floor. He then reached over and grabbed a little piece and put it on my shirt. There you go. He said licking his fingers. Hey! I yelled. I then put some of the pie on his face. Oh now you've done it. He said before a pie war started. We then we're going to attack each other when we slipped on the floor right when the door opened. 


And this our tour b-. What the hell happened here!? Harry said entering the tour bus with the boys and Avery. Me and James were on our buts covered in pie and whip cream. Um... pie? I said to Harry with an awkward smile. This is not going to turn out well.

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