Brother and me

What if your brother was Harry Styles and you got to go everywhere with one direction.


4. concert

OLIVIA!!!I heard Harry call my name. I slowly opened my eyes. I got up slowly out of bed and walked to the so called tour bus kitchen. I saw all the boys eating. I sat next to Niall. Wow someone did have a long night. Harry said to me laughing. You have no idea. I said. I looked at Louis and he was smiling at me. Oh Louis tonight can you not talk in your sleep. I said to him. Niall Zayn Harry and Liam started laughing. Whatever. Louis mumbled. Zayn can you pass the bacon. I said. So guys what song should we do first at the concert. It needs to be what's the word I'm looking for. Harry said. THE BEST SONG EVER!!!I yelled. We all started to laugh.


I got dressed and joined the boys at the stage they were performing on in a few hours. I saw that a girl was talking to all the boys and she looked really excited. Hey whose this. I asked as I walked up to everyone. Oh hey liv this is Avery she won the 1D raffle she's spending the day with us. Harry said in a cheerful voice. She stared at me with an evil glare. Hi it's nice to meet you. She said in a happy voice. I could tell it was fake. Anyways Niall can you help me get you boys your outfits for the concert. I said. Sure bye Avery. Niall said.


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