The concert

Mira and Melissa went to a 5sos concert. They bump into Michael and head backstage. Read to find out more.


8. why?

*Miras' POV*

"Hello Mira." He said. Oh my god. How did he find me? What the hell is he doing here?!? "H-h-hi Jacob. How did you find me?" I asked with a shaky voice. "I've been following you around Mira. I wanted to apologize. I'm sorry Mira. I still love you. Please take me back." He said. "Jacob you were my first true love. A part of me will always love you, but I've moved on." I said. I was closing the door when he stopped it with his foot and came in the house. "LISTEN TO ME MIRA! YOU WILL BE MINE AGAIN!!! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SEE OTHER PEOPLE YOU BITCH!" He screamed while pinning me against the wall and slapping face. I bit my lip trying not to scream. Suddenly I feel a sting around my stomach. I yelped in pain. "Help someone please help!" I tried to tell but my voice was to soft. Then I heard people running down the stairs. I couldn't see clearly through my tears. "GET THE FUCK OUT!!!" I heard Michael say. "NO FREAK! MIRA IS MINE!! SHE WILL ALWAYS LOVE ME!" Jacob yelled. "I HATE YOU JACOB I HATE YOU!" I yelled while sobbing into someone's shoulder. I look up and see it's Ashton. He just gives me a small smile. BANG. CRASH. What hell?? I look over and see Michael beating the shit out of Jacob. "MICHAEL STOP!" I yelled. Ashton ran over there and tried to get Michael off of him but he failed. I stood up and walked over there. "Michael stop. Please stop!!!" I yelled. I jumped on michaels back but I got thrown off. I hit my head on a table. "OWW! FUCK!" I yelled. "MIRA IM SO SO SORRY!!! I didn't mean to!!! Please forgive me!!!!" Michael said with tears in his eyes. "It's okay Mikey. I know you didn't mean it." I said. "This isn't over Mira. You will be mine again." Jacob said. He stormed out of the house. I took my hand away from the back of my head. "Fuck. I'm bleeding." I said. "Mira Im so so sorry." Michael said. "Mikey it's okay. I'm fine. I just need to go to the doctor." I said. "Wait... Where's Melissa?" I asked. "Luke and Melissa went for a walk." Ashton said. "When?" I asked. "I don't know. Probably when you were answering the door." He said. "Oh. Can you call them and tell me to meet us at the doctors?" I asked. "Sure thing love." Ashton said. He walked upstairs to get his phone. Meanwhile Michael and I were left alone downstairs. I try to get up but groan in pain. My stomach still hurts from the burns. "Fuck." I murmured. "What? What hurts?" Michael asked concerned. "My stomach." I replied. He lifted my shirt so he could see my stomach. "Mira.. Why do you have burns on your stomach?" He asked. Shit... He doesn't know a lot about my stepmum. "Umm I was making coffee this morning and my um stepmum spilled it on me." I said with out making eye contact. "Did she do it on purpose?" Mikey asked. I slowly nodded my head. "Mira you can't stay there. Does she do anything else?" He asked. I only nod. Then I start to break down. I told Michael everything. "Mira you can stay here with me." He said. "No.. I can't." I said. "Why? The lads won't mind." He said. "I just can't Mikey." I said. "Okay let's go." Ashton said running down the stairs. They helped me to the car and we headed to the doctors.

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