The concert

Mira and Melissa went to a 5sos concert. They bump into Michael and head backstage. Read to find out more.


21. three way

*Michaels' POV*

The door opened and the nurse came out. "I'm sorry to tell you this but someone left their phone on her bed and when she was having a seizure she rolled over and knocked it down and it's cracked." She said. We all let out a sigh of relief. "It's only a phone." Melissa said. "Was it yours?" I asked. She nodded. "Is she okay?" Ashton asked. The nurse nodded and said we can go back in the room. We walk in and see Mira just sitting there like nothing happened. "Hey how ya feeling?" Ashton asked her. "Good, but um Mikey." She said softly. I looked up at her. "Can-can you l-l-leave please?" She stuttered. What? She wants me to leave? That's it I fucked up big time. "Okay." I said softly and walked out. What am I gonna do? How can I get her back? What if she starts dating Ashton?!? All these thoughts zoom through my head. Then a hot nurse walks by. "Hey you're Michael Clifford right?" She asks. "Yeah. It's me." I said with a chuckle. Next thing I knew her lips were on mine. I don't know why but I immediately kissed her back and wrapped my hands around her waist. Then the door opened and I heard a soft voice clear their throat. We break away and I look over. Mira is standing right there. The nurse walks away. "I came out here to talk to you in private but I can come back later." She said with tears in her eyes. "Mira that wasn't what it looked like. She kissed me I swear." I said. "Yeah but you didn't have to kiss back." She said and walked back into the room. Fuck. Why do I always mess things up?

*Miras' POV*

"Why did you ask Mikey to leave?" Calum asked. "I have to talk to him in private and I need to walk a little so yeah." I said. "Oh okay. Well do you need help getting to the door?" He asked. "No I'm fine." I said. I get up slowly and walk to the door. I open it and look to my left. Oh... Michael and a nurse are kissing. Great. I clear my throat and they pull away. Mikey looks over at me. The nurse walked away like it was nothing. "I came out here to talk to you in private but I can come back later." I said. I could feel tears form in my eyes. "Mira that wasn't what it looked like. She kissed me I swear." He said. "Yeah but you didn't have to kiss back." I said and walked back into the room. I was going to tell him that I forgive him. I forgive everything. Yes you might think its stupid but I love him and I can't live without him, obviously. Everyone deserves a second chance. I just really love him. Wait... Love? No no no. Not love. Do I love him? I think I do.... Oh well it doesn't matter. He can go fuck other girls all he wants. He obviously doesn't care. "Mira. You okay?" Ashton asked. "Ashton. Come here." I said. He did as he was told. "What's wrong Mira?" He asked. I didn't say anything. I just wrapped my arms around him and started to cry in his shirt. "Shhhhh. It's gonna be okay." He said softly while placing a kiss on my head. "I think I love him." I said softly. "You what?" Luke asked. "N-n-nothing." I stuttered. "Mira.. You almost killed yourself because of him. Why do you want to be with him?" Ashton asked. "Yes I know I almost died, but everyone deserves a second chance. Mikey just made a mistake. I went outside to go talk to him to tell him I forgive him, but when I walked out there.. He was kissing a nurse." I said softly. Ashton tensed up and opened the door. Michael came in and I could tell this was gonna be bad. "WHAT THE HELL MATE? MIRA REALLY LIKES YOU AND YOU TREAT HER LIKE SHIT!!! If she was mine I wouldn't treat her like that. She would be my princess. I would treat her with respect. I wouldn't lie to her. I would protect her. I would help her with her problems. I would hold her and kiss her. Most of all I would help her stop self-harming." Ashton ranted. Oh no. Mikey didn't know that I self-harmed that night. "She said she was clean. What are you talking about?" Mikey asked. "Mikey. That night when everyone slept over. I got up and went to the bathroom. I locked the door and looked in the mirror. I asked myself questions. I didn't understand why you wanted me. I opened up the cabinet and took the blade and you know what happened next. Anyways, Ashton knocked on the door. He said he was worried because he didn't see me on the couch, but where were you? Oh yeah you were passed out on the couch. How did you not feel me get up? For all you know I could've committed suicide that night, but I didn't because Ashton was there. You guys could've woken up to a dead body in the bathroom." I said. Everyone went quiet. "Mira.. Come here." Mikey said softly. "No." I said. "Mira please." He said. "Why? So you can kiss me and then fuck other girls and lie to me?" I asked raising my voice a little. "Mira-"I cut him off. "Mikey just stop. I can't believe I was going to forgive you. Just leave." I said harshly. He just looked at me with sadness in his eyes. I looked away because I knew if I looked at him then I would give in and I can't do that. "Go mate." Ashton said. Then Michael walked out the door. "Can you guys leave so I can talk to Mira?" Ashton asked them. "Sure. Come on guys let's go." Melissa said. They walked out and Ashton sat down beside me.

*Ashtons' POV*

I sit down beside Mira and she looks at me. "What do you want to talk about ash?" She asked. I smile when she called me ash. "Mira.. I just wanted to tell you that.. I really really like you and I want to be with you. You're beautiful, funny, kind, unique, weird, amazing, gorgeous, perfect and the list goes on and on. Mira you're everything that I look for in a girl. If you were mine. I would protect you, help you, treat you with respect. I wouldn't lie to you or kiss other girls. I would be loyal to you. I really really really like you Mira." I said. She didn't say anything she just looked at me. "Please say something." I pleaded. "Ash.. I don't know what to say." She said softly. I nod and get up. I'm almost out the door when I hear. "Ash wait!" I turn around and Mira is standing up. "There is something I have to tell you." She said.

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