The concert

Mira and Melissa went to a 5sos concert. They bump into Michael and head backstage. Read to find out more.


1. the beginning

Hi my name is Mira. I'm 16 and live in New York. I don't have a lot of friends, but my best friend/sister is Melissa. We're both in love 5 seconds of summer. Melissa loves, I mean LOVES, Luke. I love Michael but I also love Ashton, so I guess you can say I'm a mashton girl.

Mira's POV


Ugh the dreadful sound of my alarm clock wakes me up. I pick it up and slam it to the floor. I checked my phone and sighed knowing I had to get up. I get up and walk to my closet. I pick out my outfit and go to the bathroom and take a shower. Once I get out I do my usual routine. I walk downstairs and get an apple for breakfast. "BYE MOM LOVE YOU." I yell before I leave. I walk outside and start my car. I drive to Melissa's house and pick her up. "Hey bitch" Melissa said. "Hello to you too." I said laughing. She turned on the radio and green day came on. We sang to basket case while I drove us to school. Once we arrived we said our goodbyes and go to our classes.

My first class is history. I walk in an sit down next to my friends Chris and Jordan. They're really cool guys. Although they call me a wangdoodle, whatever that means. "Hey Mira." They both said. "Hey guys, did you do the homework?" I asked them. They started laughing and I knew that they didn't. Shit. I thought to myself. What the fuck am I gonna do? I have to do this assignment or I fail for this quarter. I excuse my self and got to the bathroom. I bring my papers with me. On my way out I feel paper hit my back. I turn around and it was a letter from the hottest guy in school. It said "where are going huh? Are you going to fix that ugly ass face of yours?" I frowned at the letter and walked out of class. I wasn't thinking and I bumped into someone. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry!" I said, but then I realized it was just Melissa. "Calm your tits it's just me." She said. She can be a real smart ass sometimes but I love her. She's helped me through everything. "Where are you going?" She asked. "To to bathroom. I have to finish this assignment or I fail the quarter." I said. "Oh okay well have fun, and come over to my house after school." She said with a smirk. "Melissa I know that look. What's the surprise?" I asked. "I can't bitch. Just wait." She said walking off. " I HATE YOU SOMETIMES." I yelled laughing.

*skip bathroom*

I walk back in class and sat down. Mr. Bowles took our papers and started the notes. I couldn't focus, I kept thinking about the damn surprise. She knows I hate surprises so what can it be? My thoughts got interrupted by the bell, signaling it was end of class.

I picked up my books and walked out of class. I turned the corner and saw the people who usually bully me. Their names are Angelina, Tori, and Cheyenne. I walk the other way hoping thy won't see me, but I was wrong.

"HEY SLUT." One of them screamed at me. I just kept walking. "Mira I know you can fucking hear here." Tori said. She threw me to the ground and started hitting me. "Hey assholes get the fuck off my friend." I know that voice all to well.. It was Melissa. Thank god. She threw tori off me and punched her in her face slamming her into a locker. Then she grabbed Angelina and threw her across the hall. Then it was just Cheyenne, the leader of the group. "What the fuck is your problem? That slut deserves to be bullied." Cheyenne said. Melissa got furious. She started to punch her, but then Cheyenne hit back. Melissa pinned her against the lockers and kicked her in the stomach then punched her in the face. Melissa helped me up and we ran out of school.

We skipped the rest of the day and just went shopping. "So, since we're not in school. Can you tell me what the surprise is?" I asked her. "Okay fine, but you can't scream. We're in public." She said. "Okay I won't I promise." I said. "Okay so you know how we both love 5sos right?" She said. I immediately started to scream. I knew what she was going to say. She covered my mouth and drag me to the bathroom. "YOU GOT US TICKETS?!?" I screamed. " SHHH yes I did. It's next Friday so we need something to wear. Come on." She said. "OMFG I fucking love you!!!" I said hugging her. She hugged me back. "Okay come on let's go." We went into a bunch of different stores.

I ended up buying a black skater skirt with a white crop top and white vans. Melissa got black skinny jeans and a iron maiden shirt with black vans.

*at Mira's house*

I layed down on the couch tired from all the walking we did. "Hey Mira what's for dinner?" Melissa asked. " I don't know. I was thinking about going to Panda Express." I said. " bitch get the fuck up we're going to Panda Express." Melissa said laughing. "Okay I'm coming. Let me go pee." I said. I walked to the bathroom and I was so shocked I couldn't say anything I just stood there. "Mira are you re-" Melissa cut off in the middle of the sentence. We both stood there looking at my mother. She layed there lifeless surrounded in her own blood. I burst out into tears and ran outside. What am I going to do? Who killed her? I have no where else to go.

*Melissas' POV*

I was walking around the corner seeing if Mira was ready to go. "Mira are you re-" I stopped in the middle of the sentence. We both stood there. Looking at her mothers dead body. Mira bursted into tears and ran out. What is she going to do? Her father died in a police chase three years ago and she doesn't have any family here. Should I go follow her or leave her alone? Hell no bitches I'm going after her.

*Miras POV*

I ran and ran until I couldn't run anymore. I have no idea where I am. This can't be happening. My mom isn't dead she can't be dead. This has to be a dream. I pinched myself hoping it wouldn't hurt. I jumped a little from the pain, and in that moment I knew this wasn't a dream. I knew my mother was gone.

Authors note.

Hey guys this is my first fanfiction that I'm writing. Let me know if you guys like it so far.

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