The concert

Mira and Melissa went to a 5sos concert. They bump into Michael and head backstage. Read to find out more.


3. on our way

*Miras' POV*

As I was waiting for my stylist to come my phone vibrates. I look at it and notice that It's a twitter notification. "AAAHHHH HOLY FUCK HOLY FUCK AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! MICHAEL FOLLOWED ME ON TWITTER AHHHH!!!" I screamed. "He did?!?" Melissa asked. "YES BITCH LOOK AT IT!" I yelled pushing my phone in front of her face. "Well it looks like he knows that we're going to the concert tonight. Maybe we'll meet them." Melissa said giving me a wink and smirking a little. "Wait I know that wink and smirk anywhere. What's going on? You planned something. I know you did. You always wink and smirk when you're hiding something." I said. "Just wait and find out girl." She said. I cursed under my breath but I was still smiling. Why would Michael Clifford follow ME. Out of all the girls in the world why me?!?

*after our "make over"*

It's 3 in the afternoon and we just got done with everything. We got in the car and decided to go get some lunch. We went to Panda Express and got our usuals and we drove back home. "Girl are you excited for tonight?!?"Melissa asked. "Seriously Melissa. What kind of question is that? You know I'm more than excited for tonight." I said. Even though I'm probably not going to meet them and they're not going to see me in the crowd, it's just amazing that I'm in the same room as them.

*skip to getting dressed*

It's 6pm and we're putting out clothes on and all that stuff. I walked out of my room and knocked on Melissa's door. "Come in." She said. "Holy shit! Melissa you look amazing." I said. Her hair was done in wavy curls and her make up was natural. Her outfit was black skinny jeans and an iron maiden shirt with black vans. She looked absolutely gorgeous. "Thanks girl, but look at you!!! You're stunning!!" She said. I looked in the mirror. My hair was down and it was messily curled and I had a white flower crown on. It reminded me of beach curls. My make up was done naturally and I was wearing my black skater skirt with a white crop top and white vans. "Thanks Melissa." I said. We took some selfies and posed them on Instagram and all that. We headed out the door and took off to the concert.

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