The concert

Mira and Melissa went to a 5sos concert. They bump into Michael and head backstage. Read to find out more.


12. oh fuck

*Michaels POV*

Today is Melissa's release day. Right now Mira and I are helping her gather her things together. "Mira can I talk to you for a second." I said. "Yeah sure." She said. We stepped outside the door and I shut it behind us. "What's wrong Mikey?" She asked. God I love it when she calls me Mikey. "I just wanted to know what the plan is." I said. Lies it was gonna tell her how I felt but I don't think it's the right time. "Well I don't really have a plan mikey."she said. "Well I have one." I said. "You do?" She asked. Her eyes got brighter and she had a smile small on her face. "Yeah I do." I said. "Well what is it???" She asked. "I was thinking that Melissa and I could distract Jacob and Kim while you go around the back of the house and get the guys out." I said. "Well it's an okay plan but I don't know where they're keeping the lads." She said. "I'll draw a map of the house and show you." I said. I got a piece of paper and a pencil and started to draw. "Okay see these two doors right here?" I asked. She nodded. "In between those doors is a secret door. It's on the floor and you have to jump on one of the floor boards to get it open. Then once you get down there you untie the lads and get out of there as fast as you can." I said. "Okay but what if our plan fails?" She asked. "I don't know. I was hoping it would work." I said. She nodded and walked back into the room.

*Miras' POV*

Michaels plan was okay I guess. It just seemed to difficult. Their obviously gonna hear me jump on floor boards. "Mira are you coming or not?" Melissa said. Oh I guess I was lost in my thoughts again. I smiled and nodded and walked out. "Michael told me the plan. I just hope it works. I don't want to get shot again." She said. "Don't worry about that. I gave Michael a gun." I said. She started laughing. "Where did YOU get a gun from?" She asked through laughter. "I took it from my dad." I said while getting in the car. "What type of gun is it?" She asked. "A shot gun." I said. "Doesn't Jacob have a shotgun.?" She asked. "Yes, but I also saw an AK47 on the couch." I said. "Where the hell did he get that from?" She asked. "I don't know." I replied. We rolled up to Jacobs house. I parked half way up the drive way. We went over the plan again. We got out of the car and I hid behind a tree while they walked up to the door.

*Melissas' POV*

I'm taking that son of a bitch down no matter what. He had no right to fucking shoot me. Knock knock. A coupled of seconds later the door opened. "Well well look who it is." Jacob said. "You seriously thought I was gonna die?" I asked. He nodded. "where's Kim?" I asked. "She went to work." He said. Thank god. "But she should be back in 30mins or less." He said. Damn it. That's not a lot of time. "Can I step inside real quick?" I asked. Why did I just ask that?? I mentally shot myself five times. "Sure." He said after a long pause. Michael went in first and I went in after him. "What do you want? Why are you doing this?" I asked. "If I knew why I would tell you." He said. "Bull shit!!! Why are you doing this Jacob!!!!!!" I yelled. "Calm down!!!!! Okay look I was walking home from work one day and this lady came up to me. She said if I didn't kill Mira she would kill my sister. You know how much my sister means to me." He said. Wow for once he isn't lying. "I'm sorry Jacob. Did she say why she wanted Mira dead?" I asked. "Not really. All she said was Mira is the last McNeal to take down." He said. Why does she hate her family? Did something happen that I don't know about? "Why did she want you to kid nap us?" I asked. "And why the hell did you fucking shoot me?!?" I asked raising my voice. "I don't know and I'm sorry!! That bitch told me to!! I had to or my sister is dead. She has her somewhere with a bomb strapped to her." He said while crying. "Look we'll help you if you help us." I said. He nodded. I looked at Michael and he just looked confused. "Wait so you're telling me that you're making a deal with this son of a bitch?" Michael asked. "Michael calm down. It's the only way we're getting out of this alive. The only one who is going to be dead is Kim." I said. He stormed out of the house. Damn it Mikey.

*Miras POV*

After I heard the first knock I bolted towards the back. Once I reached the back door I quietly picked the lock. "Not so fast Mira." Kim said. Damn it!!! I stood up slowly with my hands up. "What the hell Kim? What do you want from me?!?" I asked. "Well right now I want you to slowly turn around and tie your hands with this zip tie." She said. I did as I was told. "Can you get that gun out of my face?" I asked harshly. "Fine." She said and lowered the gun. "Now walk." She said. I began to walk. I looked around searching for Michael and Melissa. They should be at the front door but they're not. Well I hope Melissa knows that she's my best friend and that i love her because I'm about to make the biggest mistake of my life. I turned around and kicked Kim in the stomach. Then I kneed her in the face. Once she was on the ground I loosened the zip tie and wiggled my hands out. She went for the gun but I stepped on her hand. "You really think you can kill me?" I said. "No. I know I can kill you." She said and with that she pushed me off her and grabbed the gun. She fired two rounds but missed. Of course the bitch has a fucking silencer on the gun. I hid behind a bush and waited for her to come. "Come out. Come out wherever you are." She said. She was about to pass the bush I was hiding behind. Once she did I quietly got up and snuck behind her. Then I put her in a chokehold and she eventually passed out. I took her inside the house and found Melissa there with jacob. "What the hell." I said. "Mira I know it looks bad but Kim told Jacob to kill you or she kills his sister." She said. Damn it. I know his sister means a lot to him. "What happened with you??" They asked. "I was just about through the back door when the bitch caught me. I turned around slowly and all that shit. I zipped tied my hands and started walking towards the front. Then I kicked her and all that and loosened the zip ties and then other shit went down. She tried to shoot at me but she missed. Umm then I attacked her and made her pass out and now I'm here with y'all. Wait... Where's Mikey?" I said/asked. "Why didn't we hear the gun shots? Mira we don't know where Mikey is." She said. "That bitch had a silencer on the gun and let's tie her up and get the guys then find Mikey, but someone has to stay here with her and that someone is me." I said. "Okay. We'll call you when we find him." Jacob said. I thanked them and they went to go get the guys. "MIRAAA!!!" They all yelled. I got tackled by all of them hugging me. "Haha hey guys I missed you too." I said. They helped me up and then luke went to Melissa. They're so cute like ermegerd. "Come on guys we have to go find Mikey." Melissa said. They all nodded and left. "Wakey wakey bitch." I said. She woke up. She started laughing. "What's so funny?" I asked. "Nothing." She said. "Bullshit." I said. "Well you see.. I have the detonator. If you shoot me I press the button and Jacobs sister dies." She said. Damn it!! "What do you want from me? Why do you hate my family so much?!?" I asked. She just laughed. "Stop laughing!!!" I yelled an smacked her across the face. "Now you better tell me why you're doing this." I said harshly. "I'm doing this because you're father killed my brother." She said. "No he didn't. My father would never do that!!! He was just a man that worked as an electrician!!!" I yelled. "No he worked with the CIA. His mission was to kill my brother. I never knew why he killed my brother but I wanted you're father dead. I did it the only way possible. I lured him away from your mum and made him get a divorce. I forced him to live with me, to love me. I wanted him to suff-." She said but I cut her off by punching her I'm the face and kicking her stomach. "DONT YOU DARE SAY YOU WANTED MY FATHER TO SUFFER!!! HE NEVER DID ANY OF THAT!!" I yelled. "Oh honey if you only knew." She said. "Stop calling me honey." I said. All of a sudden a gun shot went off. I sure as hell didn't pull the trigger. She started laughing again. "WHATS SO GOD DAMN FUNNY?!?" I yelled. "Well you see... I have a sniper outside. If you hit me again you're dead." She said. I looked outside and sure enough there was a fucking sniper. I looked to see who it was. Oh my god. No. No. No. No. This can't be happening. Why?!? "You bitch!!! I hate you!!!" I said. Why did she have to do this to me?!? Most importantly why did she pick that person to shoot me.

A/n hey guys!! Sorry the past couple of chapters suck. I'm not that good at writing. Thank you for everyone who's read this, liked it, and favorited it!! I love you all so much!!

-Mikayla xx 💘

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