The concert

Mira and Melissa went to a 5sos concert. They bump into Michael and head backstage. Read to find out more.


10. don't go

*Miras' POV*

"Hello Mira." The person said. What the hell?? I knew Kim was evil but this really?!?. "I will kill you Kim. That's a promise." I said. "Oh honey. You don't want to do that. You see Jacob and I strapped a bomb to your little friends." She said. "If you hurt any if them I WILL kill YOU!!" I said. "Did you hear that Jacob? She said she'll kill me. Haha. Well honey you're the only one left in the McNeal family. You see I arranged a car to hit your father and I killed your mother." She said while laughing. "IT WAS YOU!!! YOU WILL PAY FOR KILLING MY PARENTS!!!" I yelled. Next thing I knew Melissa ran up to her but Jacob shot her. "NOOOOO!!" I screamed. I ran up to her. "Melissa listen to me. You're gonna be okay. I promise. Luke call 911 now!!" I yelled. "Luke?? LUKE!!!" I yelled. He was no where to be seen. "M-m-Mira im so scared. P-please h-help m-me." Melissa whispered. I picked her up and put her in the back seat. I drove to the hospital and screamed for help. Three nurses came out with a stretcher and put her on it. "What happened?" The nurse asked. Fuck what do I tell him. I didn't say anything I just turned around and ran back to my car and headed back to Jacobs house.

*at Jacobs house*

I just stay in his driveway crying my eyes out. It's gonna be okay Mira. Melissa is gonna get through this. I kept telling myself over and over. What am I gonna do? They have Michael, Ashton, calum, and now luke!!!! Fuck! Think Mira think!!!! If I could get at least one of the boys out of there he could help me get the rest out. I knocked on the door. "Oh look who's back." Jacob said. "Oh shut up Jacob. Where's Michael?" I asked. "Oh you mean your little boyfriend??" He said chuckling. "He's not my boyfriend now WHERE IS HE!!!" I said. "Fine I'll give you Michael if you promise not to go to the cops." He said. Lol he thinks I'm not gonna go to the cops he's so stupid. "What if I do go to the cops?" I asked. "Then The other boys die." He said. "Fine I promise." I said. Shit what am I gonna do? "Mira!! Oh my god!! Baby!!! I missed you so much!" Michael said. Did he just call me baby?? What the hell? "I missed you too Mikey." I said. "Now go!!! Run along children." Kim said. "This isn't over!" I yelled and with that Mikey and I headed to the car. I drove us to the hospital.

*at the hospital*

"Hi. What room is Melissa Bertini in?" I asked. "May I ask who are you?" The nurse said. "I'm Mira I'm her best friend and this is Michael." I said. "Oh my god!! It's Michael Clifford!!!" She yelled. "Can you not!!!!! Just tell us the room number please." I said firmly. She sighed. "She's in room 205." She said. "Now was that so hard?" I said while walking away. We got to her room and a bunch of people were standing there. "What's going on?" I asked. "Who are you?" A nurse said. "I'm Mira I'm Melissa's best friend. What's going on?" I said. "Well Mira. I have good news and bad news." He said. "What's the good news?" I asked with a shaky voice. "She was shot in her lower torso. Which means the bullet didn't hit any important spots." He said. "Okay and the bad news?" I asked. "She's lost a lot of blood. I mean like a lot a lot of blood. Her body is rejecting the blood we entered into her system. I'm so sorry Mira. She has 24hrs." He said. "No no no! You're lying!!! This isn't happening!!! Please tell me it's a joke!!!!" I said while crying. "I'm so sorry Mira." He said and walked away. "No!!" Was all I managed to say. I felt arms wrap around me. I knew it was Michael I just cried into his shirt. This isn't real. Please god let her survive. Please please please.

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