Wherever You Are (Ashton Irwin)

In high school me and Ashton Irwin dated. We loved each other. We were in love. Then, out of the blue he stopped talking to me. A rumor was going around school that I had dumped him. I tried to contact him but he ignored me, even blocked my number. He was my first love, and I was his. Now it's 2014 and Ashton is a famous drummer. He still has my heart and I'm determined to win his back.


1. Still In Love

Christina POV

High School

"You ok, Chris?" Hailey asked. She was my best friend.

"I don't know. Ash is ignoring me, but I can't talk to him. He won't answer my calls or texts." I said.

"Oh, honey. I'm so sorry but Ash broke up with you."

"What?!" Panic filled my body.

"Yeah. A rumor went around saying that you were gonna break up with him, so he told the whole football team that you guys were over. Sorry, honey." She gave me a sympathetic smile, but I just faked a smile.

"Naw, it's fine. Let's get to class before we're late again." She nodded, and rushed to class. I followed behind her, but slowly. I was crushed. He was my first love. And now he's gone. Later in class, I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I cried until the bell rang, signaling lunch. Then I trudged through the day, wanting nothing but to crawl in a hole and cry my pain away. When I got home, I went right passed my parents and to my room. Where I cried all night. The next day I had my mom call in, saying I was sick. I did nothing but cry the whole day. I turned my phone off, and grabbed a carton of ice cream. I sat in front of the TV watching nothing but sappy love stories stuffing my face with cheap chocolate ice cream and candy.


That was how me and Ash broke up. All because of a stupid rumor. That was my Senior year, and it was ruined. For the whole year all I did was cry and get by with average grades. Right now I'm a model in Australia. Currently 19, I turn 20 on the 6th of November. To this day, I am still in love with Ashton. He takes up my mind day and night. I just miss him. He was my sunshine and could make me smile no matter what mood I was in. Now I listen to every single song he did and he has an amazing voice. I would make him sing to me all night when we pulled an all-nighter. Ashton, I want you back, wherever you are.

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