Wherever You Are (Ashton Irwin)

In high school me and Ashton Irwin dated. We loved each other. We were in love. Then, out of the blue he stopped talking to me. A rumor was going around school that I had dumped him. I tried to contact him but he ignored me, even blocked my number. He was my first love, and I was his. Now it's 2014 and Ashton is a famous drummer. He still has my heart and I'm determined to win his back.


4. Chapter 2: Slipping

Chapter 2: Slipping

Christina POV

Then he does something unbelievable.

He leans in.

I found myself leaning in automatically, wanting to feel his lips against mine. As our lips connect, all the feelings come rushing back to me. All the memories, bad and good. I get that same, familiar spark that I always got. Our lips move in sync. And, we both had to pull away for air. I stand there breathing heavily, looking into his eyes. He stares at me, his eyes roaming every inch of my face, as if trying to calculate something that he missed. Finally, he breathes:

"I missed you. I missed you so much it hurt. It hurt not to see your face. It hurt not to feel you next to me. I was so fucking stupid to not hear you out. I was such a reck that I couldn't even think. I-.... I loved you."

I was speechless. After 3 years of not seeing him, he comes into my work and just confesses his love for me. But. Before I could say anything, Cynthia calls them over.

"C'mon boys! Time to take pictures!" He turns to look at her and looks back at me. He kisses my forehead and jogs over to the rest of the guys. He didn't look happy, just depressed. And that's not the Ash I knew. I just need time. Time to think everything over.

~After Photoshoot~

After they were done with the photos and Cynthia stopped trying to flirt with them, they sat down in the same spot I was. I was still in my outfit, which consisted of a black crop top and a purple high-waist skirt with black, lacy stilettos. I kept my extra clothes in my car which was unaccessible right now. The fangirls were still blocking the entrance, and there was no way out. The 5SOS boys started to aggressively whisper and I couldn't help but eavesdrop.

"Well?? What happened?"

"I kissed her..."

"You kissed her?!"

"Dude, you just met the girl after 3 years of no way of contacting her and you just kiss her!"

"She's probably an emotional reck right now!"

"Your right. I'm just gonna go apologize for my actions."

"No! Let her go up to you. Then you won't seem so desperate."

"Look, I don't care if I look 'desperate'. This is the girl I love! And if I look desperate, then so be it. But, I'm going to talk to her. Whether you like it or not." I smile. Glad he's not gonna go with the other guys' suggestion. I look away, pretending I didn't hear anything. I heard footsteps but didn't look toward his direction. The footsteps nears, and someone taps on my shoulder.

"A-Ashton? I-" he cuts me off.

"No, I'm sorry how I acted before. How about we go for coffee later? " He asks. I nod.

"O-Okay. That sounds nice." I smile through the pain. Wanting to tell him so bad that I love him to. That I just want to feel his touch. He smiles and walks off. Once he's out of sight I put my head in my hands. I cry, feeling all the pain from the memories. All the pain from before. I didn't care about my make-up. I wasn't taking anymore photos so what's the point? I let it all. Everything I've been holding in. All the 'I love you's all the 'I hate you's. Everything. I get up quickly and go to the bathroom. Locking the door behind me, I look in the mirror. The mascara running down my cheeks, my lipstick out of proportion. I sniffle, grabbing a paper towel and damping it with some water from the sink. I jump as the cold liquid comes in contact with my face. I carefully wipe all of the make-up away, making sure you couldn't tell anything was there. I, personally, don't think I look very good without make-up, even though I could very well live without it. I sniffle one more time, throwing the multi-color paper towel away. I fix my hair and make sure I don't look like a mess. After all of this, I slowly walk out of the small, cramped bathroom. I walk over to a chair, my stilettos clicking against the tile floor. Before I had reached the chair, someone had stopped me. I turned to face him. My eyes came in contact to a tall, very tan guy. He was very muscular, and had a strong jaw line. He had blackish hair, with a single blonde strip running down the middle. It was quite messy, but looked good on him. He gently smiled at me and held out his hand. I politely took it. I gave him a half smile.

"Hi, I'm Calum. The bassist of 5 Seconds of Summer." I nodded. "And I was wondering if we could talk?"

"Yeah, sure. Follow me." I led him over to the chairs, my skirt swaying as I walked.

"So, I wanted to talk about Ashton."

"I figured."

"He's really a wreck. Worried about anything and everything about your guys' little "date""-putting air quotes around date-"and it's really annoying. How we make him stop?" He asked.

"You get him a cup of tea, with two sugar cubes. Then have him just relax. Lay him down, have him just breathe." I said calmly.

"How did you know this?"

"He use to do this before a football game."

"Oh. Thanks" I wave him off.

"No problem." He smiles then gets up and leaves. I'm so tempted to look but decide against it. Instead, I advert my attention to my phone.

"Okay boys, we're all done! But, Ashton I need to speak to you for a second." Cynthia says. He raises an eyebrow.


Ashton POV

"Okay...?" I follow her down this corridor. She opens a door and I go inside. She carefully closes the door.

"Hello, Mr. Irwin. Let's have some fun." She turns around. "Shall we?" She pushes herself off the door, throwing her shirt off. As she grabs my shirt, I bump into a desk taking ahold of the edge. She smashes her lips on mine, hungrily. I don't react, paralyze from shock. She pulls me away from the desk and pushes me against the beige wall. I gasp at the impact. She takes advantage of that and shoves her tongue down my throat. I push her off.


"Ok, I'll stop." She smirks as she reaches down and slips off her high heels. She runs and jumps, wrapping her legs around my waist. I grab her thighs on instinct but let go. She hoists herself on me, then starts to kiss and nimble at my neck. I push her off and move in front of the door.

"If you don't stop, I'll file a police report. Sexual harassment. Then, you'll lose your job. We wouldn't want that. Now, do we?" I ask, my hand on the doorknob. She grits her teeth.

"You wouldn't dare."

"Watch me." She sighs angrily

"You asshole." I open the door and step out. But, I'm stopped abruptly. By someone. But this isn't just someone. It's Christina.

"Oh, I see you're busy." She turns around and runs down the narrow corridor. I chase after her, determined to not let her slip through my hands this time.

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