The Heist

Stephen has case: the Mafia is stealing items from a museum. But what are they REALLY after?


9. 9

San Francisco

Museum of Archaeology

June 6th, 1993

6:38 AM

Smith was sitting outside in the rain. The SWAT team had made it into the main control room and arrested all of the Mafia agents. The man in the red suit was diagnosed with insanity and sent to an asylum. The museum had been given triple security. Smith was diagnosed with Level 2 Traumatization, requiring a month of therapy and spending that month living with his parents. The Mafia had been removed from San Francisco. Smith had been commemorated for his bravery. Jones’ apartment had been cleaned out, his possessions divided up between his family and Smith. Smith used his $100,000 to purchase a house and a new car.

 Yet, somehow, he felt empty inside. As he rode the bus to his new house, he contemplated what had happened. He had killed his best friend. Not directly. The court declared him innocent on account of self-defense, and Jones’ family tried to forget their son who betrayed his best friend and burned to death in molten steel.

 He locked his house and drove his car to Sacramento. His parents were waiting for him outside. When he saw their relieved faces, happy to see him alive, he knew he would never return to the Private Detective business.




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