The Heist

Stephen has case: the Mafia is stealing items from a museum. But what are they REALLY after?


6. 6

June 5th, 1993

San Francisco Museum of Archaeology

11:00 AM

Smith decided to take another day to look for clues. He picked up Jones and they arrived at the museum.

“I’ll take the west wing, you take the east wing,” said Smith. He handed Jones a walkee talkee. “Call me if you find anything.”

Smith turned over everything he had the authorization to turn over, finding nothing. It was as if someone had blown up the wall, and just taken any old item from its stand.

That doesn’t sound like seem like something the Mafia would do, thought Smith. Aren’t their crimes a bit more, I don’t know, sophisticated?

His radio buzzed.

“Hey!” said Jones’ garbled voice. “I think I found something!”

Smith ran over to the east wing, pushing past museum patrons and staff.

Jones was holding a note. “This was hidden under a vase.”

Smith grabbed it. The note had an address written on it:



Smith dropped the note. “What are we waiting for? Let’s go!”

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