The Heist

Stephen has case: the Mafia is stealing items from a museum. But what are they REALLY after?


4. 4

June 4th, 1993

Golden Gate Apartments

7:56 PM


Smith smacked his hand three times on the door.

“Hey, Rob, we got a another case!”

“No! I’m busy!” said a muffled voice.

“Watching reruns of The Cosby Show isn’t busy! 100 grand.”

The door opened. A man with stubble and pajamas opened the door.

“I…I could upgrade to a better apartment…maybe even a HOUSE. A HOUSE, Stephen.”

“Yeah. We each get 50 grand. If you come with, Rob. Otherwise I’m keeping 100 grand to myself.”

“All right, all right, I’m coming!” said Robert. “Lemme get dressed and shave.”

“Ten minutes.”

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