The Heist

Stephen has case: the Mafia is stealing items from a museum. But what are they REALLY after?


3. 3

June 4th, 1993

San Francisco

Police Department

7:00 PM


The police chief piled newspaper upon newspaper in front of the detective.

“Urban terrorism. This is what it is, essentially. We’ve been trying to nail the Mafia for years. When we busted their counterfeit money operation, I thought they were off the streets for good. Then they killed our best man and blew a freakin’ hole in a museum wall!”

“Sir, with all due respect, there was only a single injury, and he was only hospitalized for six months.”

“I don’t care, Smith! One more smart-aleck word outta you and you’re fired!”

“Yes, sir.”

“I want you in that museum by 9:00!”

“I’ll go get my partner.”

“Good. We’re paying you, Smith. 100 grand. 100 GRAND. Don’t mess up.

Stephen Smith took his hat and walked out of the room.

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