The Daughter of Poseidon

This is the diary of the Daughter of Poseidon, Rhianna Watson. After she discovers that she is a Half-Blood, its only a matter of time before she realizes who her half-siblings are. It's also only a matter of time before They sense it too.......
This is book #1 of the Olympian Sons and Daughters series


6. It's true

Dear Rhianna,

I promise you this is not some practical joke. That satyr (or fawn, as roman's say) needs to bring you to Camp Jupiter immediately. And the names in your head:

Hazel Levesque -- Daughter of Pluto, our half cousin.

Frank Zhang -- Hazel's boyfriend and the son of Mars.

Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano -- Daughter of Bellona and Praeter of the Twelfth Legion.

Octavian -- A real jerk who makes shrines out of stuffed animals.

Jason Grace -- Thalia's little brother who is Roman and the son of Jupiter.

The're all in Camp Jupiter,

Lydia J.

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