My Heroes



1. My Lonely Life

"Alexis"I heard my dad scream."Get your ass down here!""Shit"I whispered.He is going to kill me!"Get down here NOW!" Great,let's just get this over with.I jump out of bed and run downstairs to see my dad standing in the kitchen with his arms folded.

"Why didn't you make me breakfast?"He said frustrated."I umm...I'm sorry.I slept in.It was an accident,I won't let it happen again,I promise."I was so scared I could barely get the words out of my mouth.

"Sorry?Do you really think sorry will put a plate of breakfast on the table?"He yelled.He started walking towards me.I was terrified.Before I even knew he was in front of me I felt a fist slam into my face,making me fall on the hard floor.He kicked me repeatedly until I felt like throwing up

Finally,he stopped and I heard the front door slam.I crawled to the window and watched him get into his car and race away.I sat there and cried.My dad has done this to me every day since my mom died seven years ago.He always finds a tiny little mistake I made and then beats the shit out of me for it.

After a while I got up and went to the bathroom in my room.I locked the door,even though nobody else was there,and opened the cabinet.I moved everything until I found my razors.I grabbed them and went to the sink.I harshly slid the blade across my skin and let the blood fall into the sink.After a few cuts I cleaned everything up and went back to my room.

I threw myself onto my bed."Just two more days"I said to myself."I can't believe that in two more days I am going to meet my idols,my heroes"

In two days I was going to meet my favorite band,5sos.They were the teenage heartthrobs here in America,and pretty much everywhere else.I won tickets and backstage passes to their concert on a radio station competition.

To most people they were just a "silly band".But to me,they were so much more.They gave me a reason to live.They made me realize that I am worth it.Meeting them is something I will never forget.

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