Magic in the Air

This is a series of books. It will have seven books, all based on J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, except with a little twist behind the plot. There is no Hermione in this book, as she will be replaced by Korie Nightshade. There is also no Ginny, as she will be replaced by Avis Weasley, Ron's twin sister.
This is a list of all the books in the series.

1. List

BOOK #1: The Magic of First Year

BOOK #2: Second Year Sparks

BOOK #3: Third Year Talons

BOOK #4: The Fight of Fourth Year

BOOK #5: DA + Order = Fifth Year Lovers

BOOK #6: The Ring That Changed Sixth Year

BOOK #7:  The Secret That Was Meant To Be Kept During Seventh Year 

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