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Melissa Savage was your average teenage girl... She went to school, got her grades, but also loved to have a good time.

But what happens when one night changes the rest of her life...?


6. Chapter 6

Chapter 6

We pulled up to an old looking warehouse place, the night had just be dawned upon us as the only light was from some close street lamps and the cars. The place looked warned out, covered in mold and looked extremely damp. There was old crates and boxes scattred around the front of the place, just out of the way of two massive metal doors.

"So, what am i even ment to be doing?" I gulped as i looked at Ashton, my hands became clammy as i rubbed them on my thigh.

"Just be seductive Melissa... be a, slut. Talk about what you want to do to him and tease him. We need to get his guard down before we come in."

"And what if he knows somethings is up? What i-if something happends to me?" I stutterd. Dont let the nerves get to you Mel.

"I wont let that happen." He looked away as i noddded to myself.

I gave my self a small pep talk as me and Ashton sat in silence. 'I have to do this. Its too late not to. In a way i got myself into this, this is all my fault... and if this is what i'm stuck doing now for the long run, i might aswell make the most of it. Be confident, be you!'

"Best i better get in there... dont worry, i've got this." I winked as i got out. Ashton was abit caught of guard at my confidence boost as i walked towards the very intimidating metal doors. I stood as i got close to them, turning around and looking at Ashton who simply nodded once at me. I took a deep breath and pushed the door forward, a loud creek followed as i slowly stepped around the slightly parted doors.

The smell that came with the warehouse was horendous, a horrible damp, sicky smell... really undescriable. It was dark and filled with broken bits of wood and railings. The small light of some sort of lamp, staright infront of me. With a dark figure standing next to the box which it was placed upon.

He turned around and looked at me. He was young, looked about 24. He had short dark hair and olive skin which complemted his brown eyes. 

'Mel you can do this' i said to myself while strutting over to the young man. 

"Hello? and you are?" a deep voice said as he walked towards me. 

"Im Melissa, you have drugs right?" i asked, i kept my voice lowered and steady as i spoke.

"What makes you think i do?" he replied to my question.

"Oh i know you do" i retorted back, "and i want some... if you have any." i took a step closer to him as i bit my lip.

I lifted my hand and lightly trailed it down from his chest, past his abdomin and to the waistband of his trousers. I took a step closer to him, and looked up at him as i batted my eyelashes.

I wondered how long i would have to do this for before Ashton or one of the others came in and did what they had to do. I didnt want to get to intimate with this random lad, no matter how attractive he was. I rolled my eyes as i moved so my lips were just centimeteres away from his. I felt his semi thorugh his jeans and smirked. Just as he went to connect his lips to mine the big metal doors creaked as a tall muscular figure came walking thorugh the door.

"Well well well, hello Ryan" I smiled as i walked to Ashton and hooked my arm around his. He lent down and kissed me, knocking me off guard a little but i didnt let it affect my 'acting'.

'Ryan' looked at me and pulled a shocked expression as i smirked at him. It wasnt long before his expression turned to a frown. I shfited uncomfortabley as Ashton and Ryan spoke.

"Ashton, what is the meaning of this... I didnt know we had a meeting schedeuled for today?" He spoke so calm and normally.

"Oh i think you know the meaning of this, dont you? The fact that youre selling our shipment off yourself for mor money. Did you think we wouldnt find out?" Ashton mockingly laughed as i stood and listened to what was going on.

"Listen, its not like that... i needed cash." Ryan got all defensive as he took a step closer to Ashton. I grabbed tighter onto his arm. Ashton pushed him back as i lost my grip around his arm. I shuffled about 2 steps back, watching whatever was happening unfold...

"Dont touch me..." Ryan yelled pushing him back and reaching under his top, grabbing onto and item. "Wheres the rest of your little crew huh, how are they supposed to help you out now?" he spoke as he pulled out a knife.

Ashton stood there, unfased, but i could see him getting angrier as his fists began to clench.

"Ive been selling your shipment to Lewis for months now, remeber him Ashton?" he shouted and ashton lost it. He charged at this kid and punched him straight in the nose, causing him to fall back as Ashton pulled something from the back waistband of his jeans.

My mouth fell in shock as i seen this Ryan kid, face full of blood, struggling to keep his head up. Ashton kicked him before clicking an object in his hand. I stood in disbelif as i seen Ashton hold this kid a gun point.

"You think you can mess me around huh? You think this is a game? You think you can bring up Lewis?" he ran his free hand trhough his hair. 

I didnt know what to do, my body froze, i couldnt move, i couldnt speak. Anything i tried to do wouldnt work. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I moved myself towards Ashton and placed my hand on his upper arm. I felt him relax under my touch.

"Leave it Ashton, you dont wanna kill him..." i said quietly as Ryan struggled to even pull himself into a sitting position.

"Mel, you dont know anything of how i feel right now." he said thrugh gritted teeth while pointing the gun at ryan still.

"I will meet you in the car..." i said in hushed tone while walking away. I heard a sigh and a choke in pain, i winced at teh thought of ashton beating up this kid. What am i getting myself into? Seconds later i felt a warm presence beside me, i couldnt help but smile. He leaned down and kissed my forhead and i smiled.

We got into the car and i let out a sigh of relif. I looked at Ashton who was still pretty tense. 

"Are you okay?"

"Always am.." he didnt look at me once. i frowned.

"Can i ask you something?" i spoke up.

"I suppose" he said while starting the car... i pulled my belt on.

"Have you killed people before?"

"Do you want the honest answer?" he looked at me. His eyes locking on mine.

"Im not sure..." i relplied truthfully.

"Than no, i have never killed anyone." he looked away. A part of me wanted to believe him, but part of me didnt.

We pulled onto a normal road, the streetlamps beaming as we drove through the night.The road was quiet, but my heart was still racing after what just happend, and something inside me told me that, i have worse to come.

"Where are we going now?" i asked curiously.

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