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Melissa Savage was your average teenage girl... She went to school, got her grades, but also loved to have a good time.

But what happens when one night changes the rest of her life...?


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

I walked nervously into my house, unlocking the door ever so quietly and attempting to sneak in without being caught. The house was silent. I could hear from outside as I pushed the door gently, tip-toeing my way in.

To my surprise there was nobody downstairs, that I knew of anyway, as soon as I got in the house I ran to my room and got changed into pjarmers anyway. When showered and changed I lay on my bes and starred at the ceiling. Last nights events still sinking in. It was all real...

I grabbed my phone out of my clutch and put it on charge before walking down the stairs, still curious to where everybody was. In the kitchen I walked, to be abit taken back by the note left on the work surface.

'We know you snuck out last night and trust me you're in big trouble, but we had to rush down to your nans. Call me when you read this please. We love you. Mom & Dad xo'

I sighed as I leaned up against the counter. Shaking my head as opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water I climbed the stairs. After going back into my room and leaving the door open behind me I checked and scrolled through the notifications on my phone, in which I had 8 missed alls from my mother, 13 messages and 6 missed calls from Jenna and a message from an unknown number.

I uncloked my phone called my mom... Here we go. She answered after the 4th ring.

"Hiya Mom" I said innocently down the phone.

"Don't hiya me young lady, you are ment to be with us right now, you're going to be home alone for god knows how long now because we don't know how long we will be in Melbourne with your nan..." She went on and on before finally shutting up.

"are you done now?" I rolled my eyes.

"Don't give me you're attitude missy" her voice angry as she spat her words at me.

"Mom seriously? Im 18 now, I can do what I want, in theory..." I trailed off.

"Not why you're in my house obliging my rules." I heard my dad telling her to calm down and back off a little, that only resulting them to argue.

"Okay mom, im gonna go then?" I said, well asked more as a question.

"Melissa, you say safe and stay home okay? You may only go out to go to Jenna's house or grocery shopping." I rolled my eyes again.

"Okay mom"

"I love you Melissa"

"I love you too" and the phone line went dead.

I huffed and lay on my front as I text Jenna back, finally, saying I was safe, I was home and that I would call her later.

Curiously, I opened the text from the unknown number.

'Picking you up at 7, wear something like you was wearing yesterday. I think you know who this is.'

I sighed, not having the energy or emotion in me to actually show any kind of response. I saved his number in my phone and dialed the pizza place, ordering one large BBQ chicken pizza... for one.


As it came up to half 5 I decided it was time to get ready, for whatever was going to happen tonight. I took my hair that was still wet from the shower ealier out of my bobble, and attempted to brush it. Brushing my hair was always a task. I dried it with the hairdryer as I sat infront of my mirror. My phone rang and Ashtons name appeared on myscreen. Warily, I answered it.

I gulped. "Hello?" I tried to sound, not so nervous.

"Melissa..." His voice deep and intimidating.

"Oh, hi" I managed to squeek back.

"What are you doing? How are you feeling?" he spoke ever so... Normally? A puzzled look pulled onto my face, as I pushed my hair behind my ear.

"I mean, why do you care?" I replied, cautious, very cautious to how he would reply.

"Can't a guy just try and be nice?" I could physical see him smirking at his cocky reply. "I can be nice you know..."

"I find that hard to believe" I cut him off. He went quiet and mentally slapped myself.

"So what are you actually doing? He seemed unphased.

"Oh, im actually getting ready, you?" I asked him back, the uncertainly in my voice.

"Uhm, nothing." Was all he replied.

"Oookay then, I guess I should go"

"See you at 7 Melissa" and the line went dead.

I sat at my mirror so confused, so very confused at what that conversation just was. He makes me feel so intimidated, I get angry at myself for letting him get to me like this.

'Come on Melissa, if you're in this for the long run, which I have a bad feeling you will, you need to show these people, you take no shit. You need to be slutty, sexy and sassy, and show them who is really boss' my inner goddess grinned at herself with t he lovely pep talk she just gave herself.

If only it was that easy...

I pulled on a dark purple, tight and short dress before dressing it with my black wedges and blazer. My hair was straightened perfectly, and the dress color complemented my smokey eyes perfectly. I will admit it, I did look nice.

A wave of confidence flew through my body as I walked into my kitchen, taking a quick shot of vodka to loosen me up abit. I sat at my breakfast bar and watched the clock, impatiently and nervously waiting for the clock to hit 7.

As soon as it did, a car horn was sounded from the front of my house. I stood up wuickly, nearly falling over. For fuck sake Melissa chill.

I walked out the door, making sure to lock it behind me. I straightened my self out before walking down my garden path and hopping into the car. I bit my lip nervously as I got in and could feel the intense stare of Ashton on the side of my face. I took a deep breathe.

I looked back at him, smiling?

"Are you gonna drive then or what?" I asked. Trying to be a sassy little fucker.

"Watch your mouth" he said sternly and I rolled my eyes. Ooooh I like this Melissa.

He started the car engine and pulled onto the road.

"That colour dress really suits you by the way..." A massive smirk plastered against his face.

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