• Criminal •

Melissa Savage was your average teenage girl... She went to school, got her grades, but also loved to have a good time.

But what happens when one night changes the rest of her life...?


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I jumped of my porch before, straightening my dress out grabbing my bag from my best friend. I walked along the front path silently, with little sound of laughter pouring out my mouth at times.

When we were out of sight of my house, we burst out laughing as we found a bench to sit on.

"I don't understand how you never ever get caught" Jenna said as she handed me my heels out my bag and I handed her my converse.

The night was young, the night was warm. The street lamps had just turned on as I'm certain you could hear the sounds of young teenagers sneaking out all over the country.

It was about half 10 and Jenna insisted I come to some house party with her, and who was I too turn down a party invitation?

"I know, I just wish I didn't have to sneak out and my parents would let me be a normal teenager" I said standing up and pulling down my dress. We walked along to Jenna's house where she put my bag in hers and also changed her shoes.

She was a stunning if I do say so. She had long natural strawberry blonde hair which she had in loose curls. She didn't wear a lot of makeup, just eyeliner and mascara, even to parties she wore minimum. She had a skater skirt on with a floral crop top, along with hear leather jacket and clutch.

She was different to me, in many ways, but that's how we clicked. I had also long hair, ombré though. This was one of my many colours I have been; red, purple, black, full blonde. But now I was a natural on the top, and a blonde on the bottom.

I wore ALOT of makeup which I didn't care I did, I liked it to look like i was. I wore excessive amounts of mascara and eyeliner and I always stuck to my own style. Skinny jeans, band tee's and converse. Even though when I went out I liked to wear short tight dresses and heels.

We waited for Jenna's boyfriend to pick us up. He was called James. And before you knew it he had picked us up and we was there.

The music was loud, the people were drunk and the night had just begun. I made my way through the house with Jenna to get ourselfs a drink. We poured and vodka and lemonade before wandering round looking for the girls.

We found Megan and Lucy and hugged before talking about some random shit. I walked out front and pulled a cigarette out my clutch before lighting it and standing there as I watched people stumble up the front steps. I laughed to myself before and unfamiliar voice caught my attention.

"Wow, who would think to see a girl like you at a place like this?" His sarcastic tone being unmissable.

"and who would think to find such a obnoxious prick at a place like this?" I threw my cigarette to the ground and trod on it before making my way back inside. That absolute cunt.

I found one if the girls and downed there drink, before going and joining the stoners who we're getting high. I flirted before taking a few drags, I felt myself lighten up as I found the girls again.

Everything was blurry as one second they was there, then they wasn't. I looked around the backyard, nowhere.

I decided to go look around the woods that was round the back if the back garden. I heard quiet voices, and as I walked further I saw figures, people. Jenna.

I stood by a tree noticing it was all boys, 4 of then actually. One was on the floor... being kicked in the stomach?

My instinct was to go and help the boy, but I didn't. I stayed still.

"I told you, and I said, this is your last chance to get our stupid. fucking. money." the person said in between kicks to the stomach again.

"I j-just need one more day" he pleaded trying to get himself up.

"no, no more chances." and the sound of a bullet being fired echoed throughout the whole place. I stammered backwards, loosing my balance from my heel getting caught in the ground.

The boy who shot the gun turned his head instantly at the sound of my falling over. Shit.

He walked over to me, I tried to explain myself and before I knew it he had carried me to his car, we were driving, and I was absolutely way to out of my face to realise anything...

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