Internal monologues, dialogues, poems and other pieces I'm writing for what could become a short film or play.
Please note that this script is based on the story and ideas of the game 'Beyond: Two Souls'


2. The Sheik's Party

Jodie and Ryan step into the ballroom, Jodie wearing a long red dress, Ryan a smoking. Jodie looks nervous, and holds tightly around Ryan's arm.

Jodie: Why do I feel like everyone's looking at us?

Ryan: Because it's not just a feeling. Everyone is looking at us.

There is a short pause, while they look around at the strangers around them.

Jodie: This dress sucks.

Ryan (With a sigh): It's perfect, and you look great. Here he comes. Just smile, act natural.

Jodie: So do you want me to smile or act natural?

Ryan: I didn't know you had a sense of humor.

Jodie: Only when I'm scared to death.

The Sheik comes up to them, and shakes Ryan's hand.

Sheik Ahmed: Good to see you Ryan!

Ryan: Sheik Ahmed, this is my assistant, Elizabeth.

Sheik Ahmed (Looking at Jodie with pleasure): I was unaware that American diplomacy was undertaken with such disarming charm. The pleasure is mine, Elizabeth.

Jodie smiles and looks down, pretending to be flattered.

Ryan: Gentlemen, I'll give you back your host. We'll talk later Ahmed.

Jodie and Ryan walk a bit further into the room.

Ryan: He hates me. All the time, he imagines my head on a stick. He finds you charming, though.

Jodie: I should be flattered.

Ryan: I'm going to go shake some hands. Blend in, find somewhere quiet. You know what you have to do.

Ryan goes, and Jodie walks towards a bathroom. She finds an empty booth, and sits down on the toilet seat. She takes out a notepad and a pen, and then looks up.

Jodie (Whispering): Aiden? Aiden, are you ready? There's a large painting in one of the rooms upstairs. Behind it is a safe. The documents we're looking for, are inside. But there are guards and cameras, so you have to be careful, got it?

The white turns out of her eyes, and she sits, ready, with the pen and notepad.

Jodie: Hurry.. You know it hurts when you're far away..

She suddenly starts writing, and rips off the pages as she goes. She then sinks down from exhaustion, and gasps heavily.


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