My Secret

My entry for the there will be lies contest. Shane is just a normal guy, sixteen years old. He is an only child, or so he thinks.


1. My Sectret - Chapter 1

My name is Shane. Shane Wood. I am sixteen years old and I am an only child. But I won't say much more, not yet. I think I should start from the start. It's the best place, isn't it?

It all started the Day Cassie Spinks moved into town. She was the same age as me and looked like me too. She had my black hair but her green eyes were a shade lighter. I saw her for the first time when she and her parents moved into the house down the road from me. I didn't think much about it then. They were just another family looking for the peace of small-town living. Or at least the supposed peace, they forgot the downsides of it, like just how quickly gossip could travel.

I just turned away from the window and continued with my homework that was due for tomorrow. It was noon on Sunday. I just thought I would see her at school tomorrow, I might even offer her a ride home as that was how I was brought up. My mama raised me to always be kind, or as kind as a teenager can be, and always welcoming. The parents would always say, "Shane's a lovely boy," or "You can tell he has good parents." Little did they know that when it was just me and my friends I smirked instead of smiled, I was sarcastic and didn't really give a damn about what people thought of me. I turned my mined back to my chemistry questions and turned up the Black Veil Brides song playing on my iPod. I was on the last question.

My parents were more interested in the newcomers than I was. They were talking about them at dinner. "I think his name is Michael," my Dad said, "and his wife is Helen. She's the new sectary at the office." My dad is a lawyer in the local firm. One of the best too, or so some say.

"They have a daughter too I saw," said Mum. "I don't remember her name from when I went to say hello. Something beginning with a C, Cassandra or Clara or something. I'm sure you'll find out tomorrow Shane. She's your about your age so you'll see her about the school, no doubt."

I looked up from my dinner. "Yeah, I'm sure I will. They're from London, aren't they? Or at least I think I heard someone say that."

"Yes, they are. Think the city was a little too much for them but they wanted to stay close because of family. I think this was the best place for them. A little over an hour outside of London but small too. You make sure to be nice to that girl tomorrow, love."

"Don't call me love, Mum," I said. It made me sound so sweet.

"Alright honey."

I just rolled my eyes at that.

I finished my dinner and jus watched TV for a while before going to bed after packing my bag for tomorrow.  I was dreading school tomorrow. It would just be another day of my friends and I being called "emo" and "nerd". It would be made even worse as my school was having a non-uniform week this week for charity as it was Christmas soon. They did this every year in the last week before the Christmas holidays. It hadn't snowed yet and I didn't really expect it too. We don't really get snow here until January and February most years. Most of the people in town complained saying how nice it would have been to have a 'White Christmas'. I didn't care though. The snow wasn't my favourite thing in the world.

That was the last thing I remember thinking before I fell asleep.

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