My Secret

My entry for the there will be lies contest. Shane is just a normal guy, sixteen years old. He is an only child, or so he thinks.


3. My Secret - Chapter 3

"Oh, yes, well welcome to the school Ms. Spinks," Mrs Clay said. "I see you have been informed about our fundraising week. You'll need this letter and you may take a seat after you are done introducing yourself to the class." Mrs Clay finished taking a seat.

Cassie looked really uncomfortable about this. "Okay then, uh, I'm Cassie Spinks. My parents and I just moved down here from London-"

"Oooh, a city girl," James whispered. "And cute too."

"Sure like you'd have a chance," I whispered.

"-I like music and reading. That's really me, so... I guess I'll sit down now." Her eyes scanned the room first passing over the hipster girls and guys and the class clowns and then all the others. She walked to the back of the room and sat beside me. "Hey," she whispered.

"Hi," we said. "Sup'?" I asked.

She smiled at us. "You're alright with me sitting here, right?"

"Yeah sure," I said as the bell rang. "Want me to show you around?"

"With help from us of course," Alex said. "Alex, you can call me Lex. That's Kyle, he's the ginger one, and the blond one is James."

"Pleasure," she said.

"Please, it's all mine," James said.

"Shut up James. Stop your pathetic attempts at flirting before you embarrass yourself," I said. "I'm Shane, just so you know."

"Cool, I like your t-shirt Shane." I looked down to see what shirt I had thrown on this morning. It was my I WALKED ALL THE WAY TO MORDOR AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSEY T-SHIRT shirt.


"So, New Girl, what music do you like?" Kyle asked.

"Oh, you know, rock, metal punk, punk-rock and a little blues. My favourite bands are Black Veil Brides, All Time Low, Green Day, MCR, ACDC, Metallica, Guns n' Roses. Also my favourite books are Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus and anything by Cassandra Clare and JRR Tolkien."

"Seriously, I think you might have just described the perfect woman," Alex said.


For the rest of the day we showed Cassie around the school, filling her in on the teachers and other students. We even introduced her to Kyle's sisters, Maya and Louise. We joked around and found out just how awesome she was. When the final bell went I offered to drive her home along with Alex. We spent the whole ride listening to my iPod and head-banging along. It was great. But both of our lives would soon change. The very next day we found out something that would effect our lives forever.

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