My Secret

My entry for the there will be lies contest. Shane is just a normal guy, sixteen years old. He is an only child, or so he thinks.


2. My Secret - Chapter 2

I woke up in the morning to the sound of my phone ringing. I reached out my hand for it. I couldn't be bothered to sit up yet. I put it to my ear without looking at the name. "Hello?" I mumble, my mind still sluggish from sleep.

"Hey, Shane!" I heard my friend Alex yell.

"Whoa, man. It is too early in the morning for anyone to be that loud," I said sitting up.

"Early? What the hell are you talking about? You do know it's like half eight, right?"

"Shit!" I yelled. That woke me up. I bolted out of bed and started to pull my clothes on. "I slept in!" I picked up my shoes and ran down the stairs. I rushed into the kitchen pulling my shoes on as I went.

"Anyway, Shane. My car isn't starting, would you mind coming over and driving me to school. My Mum's already gone to work."

"Really Dude? I need to go!" I shouted down the phone as I grabbed my bag and flung it over my shoulder. I raced out of the door and ran to my black pickup.

"I know this is bad timing but I'm ready to go and I'll come out to the main road to make it easier for you. Please!"

I sighed as I turned the keys. "Fine! I'll be there in five at most."

"Thanks Shay!"

I threw my phone down on to the passenger seat and speed out the drive way. As soon as I got to the main road I saw Alex, his bag over one shoulder, his brown hair ruffled and his thick black glasses halfway down his nose. He jumped in as soon as I came to a stop.

"Shay, your a lifesaver!" Alex said as he got in.

"I know I am," I said smirking. "Although a dark one."

"Yeah dark as hell."

"Isn't hell bright?"

Alex looked at me. "How do you figure?"

"I dunno. I mean, with all of the flames, wouldn't it be?"

"Huh. I guess you're right. By the way, why did we ever start calling you shay?"

"Really? After knowing me for ten years, you ask me this?" I laughed. "I don't know how I got a girls name for nickname. I think my aunt started it because she thought my parents had adopted a girl instead of a boy, so she used to call me Shay when I was a baby. I guess it just stuck."

Alex burst out laughing. "When did she find out?"

"I don't know."

"Dude, that's so funny. By the way here," he said throwing me a bit of toast wrapped in a napkin. "Thought you might be hungry."

"Lex, you are my best friend. Ever," I said biting the toast.

He smirked, "Well... So let's go get made to do shit we will never use again in life and not give a damn about it or the idiots who make fun of our tastes!" Alex said jumping out of the car as I pulled up at the school. I just laughed and followed him.

We ran into form-class just as the bell went. We sagged down in our seats beside our two friends James and Kyle. "What the hell happened to you?" James asked.

"Slept in," I mumble as Alex said "Car wouldn't start, had to call Shay."

Kyle whistled under his breath. "Rough morning, huh? You look like hell."

"Well, we are the damned, or so some say."

"The fallen angels," James scoffed.

"Sure, whatever. As long as you never say YOLO or SWAG , I'm cool with you," Alex said.

Just then the teacher came round handing out some letter about something unimportant. "Now, you must get this signed and back into school for next Tuesday," she said. She looked down at the guys and I's grey and black slogan  t-shirts and jeans and scowled.

Just as she got back to the front of the class there was a knock at the door. A girl with the same black hair as me came in wearing black leggings and combat boots and a plain grey knee-length dress. "Sorry," she said sweeping her fringe out of her eyes. "I'm the new student, Cassie Spinks."

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