Secrets in the Dark

Sylvia doesn't want to get married. She feels forced and pushed into it. Sylvia doesn't even know who she is marrying. Or does she? Will she and her husband figure out all the society' secrets or will they die in the process?

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2. Never Leave Me

As soon as Ana and I walked in to the living room, my mom looked at us and frowned,clearly puzzled.  "Get in the car girls!  We're running a minute late!"  I shared a look with Ana.  Mom was always so precise with time.  As I walked by mom on my way to the door, she whispered to me, "Sylvia you have way with that girl, Ana doesn't listen it anyone but you!  We're going to have a hard time when you're not around kiddo."  I gave them a smile and followed Ana out the door.   
     "Mom, are we there yet?" Ana complained.
     "Ana, in fact we are!" my mom said gleefully.  I felt stomach flop and flip.  I felt queasy and sick.  I looked up and saw the garden in which the wedding was to happen.   "Sylvia, you coming?" my mom said.  I nodded, took a deep breath and walked out into the sunshine.  
     We walked past many beautiful plants and I heard someone squeal my name.  "Sylvia is that you?  I haven't seen you in years!"
     "Bree!" I cried, running to hug my best friend and cousin. 
     "Actually, you saw each other at our wedding.  Which was a year ago.  You girls exaggerate a lot!" I heard a grim voice say.  
     I turned around to see John, Bree's husband, standing there.  "Sorry John, I didn't expect you guys to be here.  You know with John's work and all that.  And Bree what did you do with your baby?  You said you were going to adopt one.
     "Well Sylvia, to answer the first question you had, let's just say I took a day off to come to a special someone's wedding."  He gave me a grin and I returned him a smile of thanks.  "And we're going to adopt this year, so we don't have one yet."  I smiled.  John was such a nice person.  I wish my husband was like that.  
     Before I could say anything a blue coated Official tapped me on the shoulder.  "Sylvia and Ana Brookes?  Follow me."  She started to walk away.  I gave a nervous grin toward my family and saw Bree give me a thumbs up.  This was it.  I was officially getting married.  I gave a sigh as I walked behind the official.  She smiled at me and turned around.  "Nervous?"  I nodded.  "So was I on my first marriage. But it turns out good.  I mean the society is always right."
    "Yup always right!" I said while rolling my eyes at Ana.  That's what all officials believed.  But the society wasn't always right.....
    I was snapped from my thoughts by the official saying, "Sylvia and Ana, you will stay in this room.  When the screen lights up, you will listen to the directions and then walk out when it tells you to.  Understood?" I nodded.  "Ok, good luck," she gave me a grin and walked out.
     "So we just wait here?" Ana groaned.  
     "Yes, for 10 minutes according to the screen," I said pointing at it.  She gave me a nod and pulled out a book from under her dress.  Then, plopping herself on the couch she began to read.  "Um Ana?  Where are you keeping that book?  Does mom know?"  I gave her a frown.
     "Nope and she won't find out unless you tell her!  Which you won't." she said giving me a sly smile.
     "Nope, I won't." I said as a returned her grin.  Suddenly, the screen lit up with the number 10.  "Only ten more seconds," I gave a nervous smile towards Ana and she returned with a thumbs up.
     Then, the screen started speaking.  "Sylvia you will walk on stage right after I am done speaking and Ana you will follow behind her.   Ready?  Go."
     I gave a grin to Ana and we walked out of the room.  I could hear the sounds of people clapping and cheering.  I kept walking until I almost ran into an wall of ivy.  I was so confused.  Was this a mistake?  I looked to the Official who was conducting the wedding and he gave me a reassuring nod.  He then said some words binding us to each other for life as he put it.  I rolled my eyes.  When would I get to see my husband?      
     As if on cue, he said, "Now, let the lads see who they will marry!  Unfold the ivy!"  At these words my stomach flipped.  I was so nervous.  The ivy separated and I took a deep breath.  I hope my husband was nice.  Thoughts ran through my head.  What if he was mean or rude?  I started to panic as the ivy fell away and I caught the first glimpse of him. Time seemed to stop.  I took another breath and looked at him.  He had light brown hair and sapphire blue eyes like mine.  He looked so familiar.  Like I had seen him somewhere before.  He smiled at me.  
     "Hey I'm Keiran.  Pleased to meet you or rather live with you." he said with a grin.  My mouth dropped open.  I gasped.  I couldn't believe it.  I now knew why he looked so familiar.  It was him.  My best friend when I was in elementary school.  I saw it all know.  His smile always comforting me after a long day.  How he helped me learn how to ride a bike.  How we were inseperable.  But I also remembered how we had parted.  In middle school, in 7th grade, the girls teased me about having a boy as a friend.  The boys teased him.  We broke and he never spoke to me again.  Until now.  
     I sighed and said, "Hey, I'm Sylvia.  Pleased to meet you too.  I looked into his eyes, hoping for some sign of recognition.  I waited.  He probably didn't remember me.
     But then his arm touched mine and I saw tears form in his eyes.  "Syl?  Is it really you?
     "Yes Kee, it really is me!"  I said pulling him into a hug.
     He hugged me back and then whispered, "I never meant to leave you.  They made me, threatened to do something bad to you.  He paused.  "The truth is I've always loved you Syl.  Even when we were little.  I'll never leave you now.  Never.
     "Kee, I loved you.  But I was scared to tell you.  I thought you would be mad at me for leaving you.  I'm just glad it's you and not some random guy. "
     "Me too," he said.  Then, he paused and pressed his lips to mine.  And we kissed.  I heard the crowd cheer, but I didn't care.  I was safe in the arms of the person I had always loved.
     Suddenly, breaking the moment the official cleared his throat.  "I take it that you two knew each other before this."
     "Yes, sir.  I'm elementary school we were very close and then we separated." Keiran said.
     "Ahh, I see." he said with a smile.  "It's always nice to see young people reunited."  I frowned at that statement.  It wasn't something that regular officials would say.  They wouldn't talk as much and the officials didn't believe in reunion.  After all, isn't that why we were married to a stranger?  I stared at him and he gave me a wink.  I frowned, but willed myself to forget about it. 
     Then, the official let us go into the crowd and meet everyone.  I felt myself tense up and almost forget to breathe.  I felt Keiran squeeze my shoulder.  "Syl, what's wrong?"
     "I...I am actually really shy and hate large crowds." I said with a shaky voice.
     Keiran looked at me and said, "I know, just like before.  But don't worry I'm right by your side."  
     "Kee, don't leave me," I said clutching his arm.
     "I won't ever leave you." he said.
      "Never." he said and put his arm around me as we descended the steps and went in to the crowd.

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