Bad boy luke



1. the crush


I can't stand this school. I am in detention every day. But there's this girl that I really like called amy. She's unreal. She's in my English class but I don't really know her. She had blonde hair and bright blue eyes, similar to me but her hair is a lot longer obviously.


There's this boy called Luke Hemmings and he's in this really cool band called 5seconds of summer and there making it big now.but my thing is that I really like Luke but he probably thinks that I like him because he's in a band but I don't I like him because he is gorgeous. His pale blue eyes and blond quiffed hair is perfect. And his lip peircing is so cool Aswell I just wish he would notice me more to be honest.


I guess I'm feeling pretty shy I'm not really used to talking to girls I don't know I will go up to her at lunch and we can sit together maybe that is a good idea to start with?...

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