The mayor's son

„You prmised me!” I yell at him hot tears falling down my rosy cheeks „Y-you prmised...” I whisper my voice cracking as i look in his amazingly beautiful green eyes. He bite down on his bottom lip while looking right back in my eye’s „I’m sorry” he said coldly, as it seemed he could really care less about this situation. I felt my chest tighten my heart sinking to the pit of my stomach and breaking in million’s of peaces. I quickly wip my eyes as i give him fake smile „It’s okay, don’t worry about it” i say my voice still cracking „I’m acualy sorry... I am so freaking sorry, for being naive enough to belive you we’re absolutly nothing like you father, when acualy you’re the copy of him” I say as i look him in the eye’ once again „I am so so sorry for beliving in you and falling in love with you” I spit at him with discust in my voice, as i grab my jacket and storm out of his house running down the street as fast as i could.


2. Is that the mayor's son?

                   „I just don’t want to get people’s attention’s up and then disappoint them...”



  „I’m sorry i’m late” i say quickly as i walk in „Arlo & Moe” Coffee shop, rushing to the back, as i hear Max chuckle „And we’re late again, now aren’t we Amber?” He says as i roll my eye’s at him „I’m late only like 5 minutes so sush it” i say pointing a finger at him as he picks his hands up in surrender as i smile at him and quickly put my hair in a messy bun and putting my apron around my waist.

I walk out to the front of the cafe, as i walk over to the coffee machine prepering my self a black coffee. I finish as i wrap my fingers around the cup as i look at Max smiling. „So how are you?” i ask looking up at him taking a sip of my coffee. He look’s at me „Fine. How about you?” I shrug a little „I’m okay” i say as i take another sip of my coffee.

We made a small talk, as i scaned the cafe making sure everything was perfect. My eye’s land on the door as the small bell ring signaling that someone has entered. I set my cup behind me on the desk as i grab my notepad and a pen walking to the corner table where the new costumer has sat down.

I walk up to the small table in the corner by the window as i look at the boy that didn’t seem mutch older than me. „Hello” i say smiling as i set down the menu inftont of him as he looks up at me and nod’s. I turn around the smile faiding from my lips as i walk back to the front of the cafe going behind the counter as i take my cup of coffee again taking a sip. Max look’s at me confused „whats wrong?” I shrug a little „Nothing mutch” i say as i look over to the boy.

He had beautiful brown curly hair that fell infront of his eye’s , making him swep it back every once in a while. He had an amazing jaw line and he’s muscules were tensed as he was looking out the window, watching the rain fall. He looked beautiful, breath taking even.

My thoughts we’re cut as Max started talking „Isn’t that the mayor’s son?” he asked mentioning to the beautiful boy as discust filled me „You mean Mark Style’s son?” i ask my voice cold. He nods. Everyone hated the mayor. He was rude and he liked only people with money. If you’re poor or you have problem with money, he will treat you like a dirt. He didn’t care at all. I hated him,mostly everyone did. I bite my lip as i set down my coffee again walking over to the boy. A boy who looked like the most beautiful human being, but was related to the most colde’s most heartless human ever know. 

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