What would you do, if you went to the toilet during school time, came back and everything was upside-down? Why dont you find out...


2. It all started

It was a normal, dreary day in Forks. Nothing special about the green, cloudy town, it's always like this. Sometimes I wish I could go to Pheonix, where my old BFF now lives. The morning was normal too, I brushed my teeth, got dressed, had breakfast and rushed to school. See! Perfectly normal/boring morning. Then I ran to school, through the gates, and into building A. 


It was stupid, how long 1st period seemed to last. I stomped to lunch, I had been yelled at, at least 57 times! After lunch, I had Math. During the tiring hour long torture that is Mrs Andrews, i needed the loo. Yay!


Then it happened...

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