DOOMED is about a young girl who was 10 years old ,her life was amazing she was making the most out of it than all her friends, just living life like she was meant to, always smiling always up and about until life turned around and she was no longer the same again. The music used is the actual precise music based on her feelings and the poetry said to match the exact time and bring out further emotion and awareness which she was feeling but afraid to say,Not knowing how to say it correctly until she found a way that spoke for her. Based on a True Story.


8. poem+song combined

(Rap) Here we go

Standing alone

In the class room

Little friends

More work to be had done


What comes next

Looking at me now


Tears in the eyes

Fears in the guts


All I gotta do is smile

Looking how i do right now

Underneathe your frown


I can't sit their

I can't sit here

I can't sit anywhere



(Sing) Alone is all I know

Too far is where I go

There is no more holding back

Alone is where my path goes


Looking back is something id do

Holding on Is something id lose

Closing my eyes visions I see

Cannot change what's happened to me


(Rap) i sit anyway

Without a care in the world

You stand and stare

But I just don't care

You think I'm a fool

It's not something I'm used too

I don't wanna be afraid

-shout- Boo

It can't be too late



(Sing)It's all in the past

I can't look back

Don't want to be alone

But its all I seem to know


This empty town

Is all I see

My empty hearts

Has failed me


(Rap)Tears in my eyes

Wave goodbye

Fear in my head

Take another look in stead

All I gotta do is smile

Underneathe that big frown

Then have a wave goodbye


(Sing) Now I walk away

Without a single wave

And id be alone

Just like back home


Company always tried to serve me

But I walk the other way

When the house is alone

Just like back home


This empty town

Is what's left

Alone I go with all the rest

Alone is what peace gets


(Rap) No more of your trouble

No more of your looks

It's not too late

Im not afraid

I'm not a fool

And you know that too

Separate ways at last

Leave this all in the past



(Sing) My empty heart

Has failed me

Alone is where I go

Just like it was back home.


It's only the beginning



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