DOOMED is about a young girl who was 10 years old ,her life was amazing she was making the most out of it than all her friends, just living life like she was meant to, always smiling always up and about until life turned around and she was no longer the same again. The music used is the actual precise music based on her feelings and the poetry said to match the exact time and bring out further emotion and awareness which she was feeling but afraid to say,Not knowing how to say it correctly until she found a way that spoke for her. Based on a True Story.


3. i dont know who i am anymore?




I was the one whose smiled shined bright,

Who's head was always held high,

Who was joyful all night,

Who would never end up in a fight.


What happened to all of that,

It cant just pass,

I want to finish what's started,

And find who I am.


I find it hard to fit in,

So I stand and look,

I start to fit in,

But never as I should.


The odd ones out ,

I believe is me,

It cant be,

But it does always seems.


I do try my best,

When I fail,

I lose fate,

The more that goes, the more I feel alone.


Sometimes I want to bail,

Got to think twice,

Then decide to stay,

My minds lost.


People telling me what to do,

I cant get a say,

Whenever I do it seems to fail,

Theirs no point to even bother.


Ignorance may be me,

Guilt may cover me,

Everything is me,

So I may just be me.


I always feel guilty,

Even if I haven't done anything,

I regret everything I have done wrong,

And just want to hit the ping pong ball all the way to the start.


This is not me, what has happened to me, this whole incident has changed me, for better for worse I do not know but I will find out and put it all right!

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