DOOMED is about a young girl who was 10 years old ,her life was amazing she was making the most out of it than all her friends, just living life like she was meant to, always smiling always up and about until life turned around and she was no longer the same again. The music used is the actual precise music based on her feelings and the poetry said to match the exact time and bring out further emotion and awareness which she was feeling but afraid to say,Not knowing how to say it correctly until she found a way that spoke for her. Based on a True Story.


9. bully is cruel

Say what you like,

I just don't care,

Bullying is bad,

Its also very sad.


Call me ugly,

I don't mind,

Call me fat,

It doesn't bring me down.


Call me names,

I will never change,

Be rude,

I don't care I'll always be the same.


Be sarcastic,

I am not a joker,

Nothing brings me down,

Not even people like you.


I can tell a teacher or parent or report you,

Then your done for good,

Your threats wont scare me,

My life will finally be free. 


I come school to learn,

Not to be harassed,

Do what you like,

It can never break me.


You do it for silly reasons maybe to try be cool,

But it makes you look like a serious fool,

Grow up and please stop,

Bullying wont bring you up to the top!


So what people are different, that doesn't give you a right to treat them bad, call them names, staying away for no reason at all, its not doing anyone any favours especially you!, its not you suffering, its them because of you and if it was you in their position keep it in mind how you would feel and like to be treated. No-one in this world deserves bullying not even the bully.

The next time one of you are bullied if it's being called names or rudeness or another way, do not put up with it, tell a teacher, tell your parents, report them show them you do not stand for it and most importantly don't listen to what their saying and never change! always be you!





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