Separated Only by a Fence and the Walls She's Built Up

"If I said forever, would you say it too?"
"Of course, you're my best friend," she replied, not looking up from the plate she was washing.
"Yup. Forever." I tried to hide my disappointment.

2. II

Luke's POV:

   I didn't need to open my eyes to know that the pounding headache I had wasn't dream.

   Sitting up slowly, I tried to pull my body from the bed; but, something was draped across my chest. Trying to keep as much light out of my eyes as possible, I squinted down at a small, brunette girl. Her face was buried in the sheets next to her pillow, her hair was like a lion's mane around her head, and she was naked to the point where the only thing covering her was the blanket draped across her waist. My heart rate quickened. Quickly, I glanced under the covers, pushing them right back onto my body when I realized that I was wearing nothing also.

   It all came rushing back to me then: the dogs, the coffee shop, Georgie and James, Emily, and the question that still lingered in my mind...

"Do you want to go out and do something?"

   Then we left and there were hours after that, that were fuzzy, memories of flashing lights and sweat. Bits and pieces of memories that consisted of making out with a brunette in some random bar, fuzzy memories of having to push her stumbling form into my car.

   I ran a hand through the flat half of my hair, realizing what I had done.

   "I screwed this all up." I glanced back down at Emily, then flung the small sheet that covered me over her, letting it rest over the top half of her. "I'm sorry," were the only words that I could get out to her sleeping form.

   I reached for my boxers, pulling them on and grabbing some other clothes that I pulled on, half asleep, as I walked down the hallway. I was getting out of here, putting as much space between myself and Emily sleeping upstairs. I would send her a text later, letting her know where she is and giving her a warning about what she would find downstairs. But, when I went to grab my shoes from the front door, I froze; voices from the living room caught my attention.

   "Well at least we know that the bastard can find the general area of his house when he's drunk." The pause that followed was filled with labored breathing and painful groaning. "Thanks for bring him back."

   My heart skipped a beat as the next voice rang through the air.

   "No problem. He's still hung over, but I'd much rather him throw up on his own carpet than on mine." I snapped my head to the side, backing up one step to see Michael laying on the coffee table, Ashton hovering over him, Calum standing to the side with his arms crossed, and Emily sitting on the couch, watching as Michael clutched at his stomach in pain.

   My throat felt like it was lined with desert sand.

   "Emily?" I managed to croak out. She slowly turned her head, not surprised in the slightest.

   "Hey Luke. Sleep good?"

Emily's POV:

   "No Emily, no. Luke actually had a really rough night from the sound of it," Calum answered before Luke could.

   "That's probably why Michael left the bar so early, he knew that it was going to be a long night when he stumbled into Luke making ou..."

   "Ashton!" Ashton froze, only turning his head to look at Luke. My gaze glanced from one boy to another. Calum opened his mouth to explain, and I held up my hand, cutting off his remark.

   "I can live without knowing." As the last syllable of my sentence dropped, so did the first footstep on the stairs. Calum rubbed his hands together excitedly.

   "Here we go," he said.

   The first thing of her that was visible, was her jet black stilettos. And even with those, she was about five foot nothing.

   "Well, I'm leaving." She leaned her face in as close to Luke's as her height would allow, whispering against his chin, "I had fun last night." Her heels pointed in the direction of the living room. "And, if any of you need a good time, ask for Cassandra on Elmers St. The girls will know where to find me." Finally, those heels had their attention fixed directly on me. "I could probably even find someone for you. My friend Carly is bi."

   I raised an eyebrow at her, but stayed silent. She turned back to Luke, her straightened hair hitting his neck.

   "Call me again sometime. Oh, and you already paid me." Then she looked back to me, winked, and made a sexy growling noise before opening and slamming the door behind her. My eyes were big enough to belong to owls.

Luke's POV:

   Even Michael had gone silent. I stared wide eyed at the door, rethinking everything that I thought had happened last night.

   Emily broke the silence after another beat.

   "Does anyone else think that Carly is just Cassandra wrapped up in a blonde wig?" A pause surrounded the words, but eventually everyone, but me, started laughing.

   I heard shuffling and groaning, and seconds later, Calum had his hand on my shoulder, the other draped around Michael's waist.

   "That's what three, two-dollar-pints will get you mate," he chuckled. Michael nodded his agreement.

  He leaned heavily on Calum as he tried to help him up the stairs to his room. I watched them for a few seconds before turning back, almost too embarrassed to look Emily in the eyes again. But, I didn't have to because as I looked back, and Ashton was pulling the curtain back to look out the window, Emily had her face buried in her hands, laughing hysterically.

   My mouth opened and closed like a fish trying breath on dry land. I couldn't say anything because I didn't even know which emotion to wrap my brain around first. I was infuriated with myself, embarrassed, shocked, and saddened. Emily didn't even care that I'd had another girl with me last night. She didn't seem sad; she didn't seem jealous. She didn't care.

   My head dropped a little, only to be brought back up when Ashton started talking.

   "She's still standing out there, redoing her makeup."

   "She knows that I like my women fixed up," Emily pipped in through unsteady breaths. Ashton looked down at her from his post on the back of the couch. I locked eyes with her. And even I couldn't help but laugh this time.

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