Dead Weight

Christian Hanes was a casual girl, lived the title of the 'lazy teenage girl' and of course, she was typical. Christian usually went by the name Chris, or Chrissy but in honesty she didn't really care. A Saturday afternoon fliers go up 'MISSING: Christian Leslie Hanes' nobody knew where she went let alone the two other girl who she just happened to be with the night she went missing.

1. Sunday

Fliers were up all around town. Nobody had seen the girls since, their parents didn't even go to work they were so worried. This wasn't like them to just run away.

Christian's POV

I woke up to the smell of flesh and my nose scrunched up and I gagged due to the awful oder. I managed to sit up and realized I was hand cuffed to a pole, my wrist was bleeding due to it being rubbed against for God knows how long. I quickly yanked my arm once more and let out a yelp of pain. Not smart. I heard the door open and saw a tall figure stand in the doorway. I quickly backed up against the wall and I felt a sharp pain run from my neck down and I winced slightly. I reached up to feel blood all over me and I saw the figure glow wide red eyes and I screamed  causing more figures to appear, one of them turning the lights on. 

"Louis stop scaring the Shit out of her will you?" A thick British accent announces throughout the room and I back against the wall, trembling in fear as Louis hisses, "Louis!" The boy with brown hair and brown eyes shouted at him and the guy named Louis backed down. The one that yelled at him walked over to me and smiled slightly, "I'm Liam, That was Louis. Sorry about him, he just got red contacts, he's obsessed with them." Liam explained and reached his hand out to shake mine and I flinched slightly causing him to furrow his eyebrows and stand up. I looked down and saw blood all over me and my eyes widened quickly sitting straighter against the wall.













"Here are some clothes, thought you might want some, Ill take you to the bathroom to change and we will wash those for you." The one with blonde hair spoke softly and I looked up at him as he set down pajama like clothes next to me before the rest of the boys piled out. "My name is Niall, I am here to help." He smiled weakly, he was hiding something, "You can talk to me, the boys aren't here anymore. Come on let's get you out of these nasty clothes." He halfway smiled showing off his pearly whites and I looked at him, watching him carefully as he unlocked my handcuffs and I forcefully pushed my self up walking my soaked bloody self into the hallway with Niall directly behind me. 







"Why am I covered in blood?" I finally spoke up and Niall smiled at my voice escaping my lips. He bit his lip and looked down, he was coming up with a fake story and I knew it. Too obvious. When I reached the bathroom I grabbed the clothes and saw the shower thinking, why the hell not. I turned on the water taking off my clothes and washing myself down before getting out and drying off putting on the blue sweat pants and the loose white hello kitty shirt. If these were my kidnappers I wasn't going to dare get on their bad side, I wasn't even going to ask why they kidnapped me because even mentioning that word may piss them off and that's the last thing I want to do. I didn't know how insane or Psycotic they were just yet so I was planning on befriending them before asking questions and darting for it. Unless they make it too easy. I left the bathroom and Niall was sitting down on his phone before I looked at him with a blank expression and my wet hair soaked into the white shirt, luckily it was thick so you couldn't see through it. 






"Here we are!" A boy with curly hair pointed as Niall followed me up the stairs and into the kitchen. I rounded the corner and saw the front door and stairs about two yards away. I looked to the left and saw the living room, it was like a giant circle. I quickly sat down on the couch before my eyes widened and I saw: Blair and Haven sitting across from me. They both did the same except them got up and I ran my hand across my neck as if to say no but they squeaked and ran to me anyway. 

"Omg! Christian! What happened? We're you bloody too?" Blair questioned and looked at my face and arms while Haven looked at my hands and clothes. 

"Yeah, I see blood under her nails." Haven pointed out and Blair rolled her eyes. "Observant much?" Blair questioned and Haven smacked her arm before they all sat down next to me. I gulped slightly when I saw them all watching, obviously stunned at the fact that I refused to speak, not even to my friends. 

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