Disconnected *Sequel to Depressed Girl*

Waking up from another nightmare. I look out the window sighing. Will this ever quit? I roll over turning my phone alarm off. Another day. I get up opening the balcony doors only to be met by screaming fans. I walk over to the edge waving. Another day like this.


19. Too Sweet

*Ashtons POV*

I can lie and say it didn't hurt me.. I can lie and say I didn't start to cry. I can lie and say that I don't miss her but I won't. I felt the tears start to fall after she left. I know it sounds stupid because we didn't even date for that long... But thats the thing.. It wasn't long enough.. It was taken away from me too soon. I walk through town trying not to get mobbed. I stop and take a few pictures but I don't stop for too long. I sigh walking into the hotel. I know exactly what I'm going to see when I walk into here. Michael and Ariel making out. I'm not ready.. But I need to suck it up. I take a deep breath and step through the doors. I look around. Nothing. I keep walking and then I see her. Laying on the couch in tears. I walk over to her quickly. "Get away Luke.. He doesn't want me anymore.." I clear my throat making her shoot up. "Oh.. Oh Ashton." she wipes at her tears. "I.. I'm sorry. I didn't want you to see me like this.." I nod. "What happened?"

*Michaels POV*

I laugh throwing the pillow in the air. "I did it this time." I laugh again. "I did it for real.. I ruined it forever." Calum rolls his eyes. "You know you guys are going to make up." I laugh even harder. "Really because thr last time I checked she doesn't like violence and I'm pretty sure when I punched Luke and then hit her away from me into the wall and screamed at her I ruined it all." Calum stands up. "YOU FUCKING HIT HER AGAIN." I jerk back. "I.. I thought you knew?" Anger floods into Calums face. "How fucking dare you Michael." I look down. "I know.. I know Calum." ahen I look back up I recieve a punch in the face from Cal. "Oh okay I deserved that." But then he punches me again. "CALUM!" I raise my arms as he hits me one more time. "You don't fucking TOUCH girls like that you bastard!" With that Calum walks out of my room. "I fucking know.. I know.."

*Lukes POV*

"I'm done.. I'm fucking done. Either you come to the party or you don't. I'm not putting up with your baby shit. I know you didn't like to hit Ariel but that doesn't mean you didn't hit her AGAIN. So come or don't I don't give a fuck!" I hang up the phone and slam it back into my pocket. I walk out of the elevator doors. "Ariel. Oh hey Ash. Ariel party now. Lets go. There is not a no you're going. Ash you too." I keep walking and grab Ariels hand lightly pulling her up and putting my arm around her and kissing her cheek. "I'm sorry I didn't stop him Ariel.." Tears start to roll down her cheeks. "I.. I'll catch the other car Luke." I nod at Ashton pulling Ariel in the car with me. "Ari.. are you okay?" she sniffles. "I.. I don't know." I sigh. "Lets get white girl wasted."

*Ariels POV*

It's my tenth shot of tequila and I'm still not feeling anything. Not even a little buzz I lay my head on Lukes shoulder. "Hey wanna dance?" I put on my best smile and nod. He grabs my hand and we start to dance. I look over to see a bunch of girls all over Ashton. I sigh. This is good for him. Why do I feel jealous though. Then the door opens revealing Michael. God does he look fucking hot. Snap out of it Ariel. Focus on Luke. Focus on your dancing. I see Michael look over to us and anger flashes across hus face so I decide to make the best out of this. I turn around and let Luke rub his hands on me as I press up against him. His breathing picks up on my neck. I turn around to face him and we lock eyes. He clears his throat and take smy hand dragging me to get more drinks. I sigh. Of course he wouldn't do anything.. He's too sweet.

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