Disconnected *Sequel to Depressed Girl*

Waking up from another nightmare. I look out the window sighing. Will this ever quit? I roll over turning my phone alarm off. Another day. I get up opening the balcony doors only to be met by screaming fans. I walk over to the edge waving. Another day like this.


13. Talk.

*Michaels POV*

I slam another beer bottle into the wall. "26! Or wait... was it... 30?" I stumble around trying to remember. "Michael..." I turn slowly. "Ahhh. Its you." I turn around and walk to the bed throwing myself on it. "Come to me baby." Luke rolls his eyes at me. "Get up." I shake my head. "Come to me." He rolls his eyes again but walks over. "I need cuddles." I grab another beer. Luke grabs the beer from my hand and downs it. "Ugh. Luke. What the fuck." He grabs another beer. "If we're cuddling I need a little beer in me."

*Lukes POV*

I admit I feel bad for Michael. However I also haven't seen Ashton this happy in a long time. I sigh Michael passed out a little while ago. Michael didn't treat her right... Just think about that Luke.. But Ashton stole Ariel... Stop. You can't be mad at either of them. Michael rolls away from me giving me an escape. I stand up grabbing a beer and walk out of his room. I turn and look around. I start to walk down the hallway when I hear a whisper. "Luke..." I turn around. "Oh hey Ariel." I can tell she's been crying. "Ariel whats wrong." She runs up to me. "shh.. don't be loud we need to talk. Privately." I nod and let her lead me to the staircase. "Okay.. What do you need to talk to me about?" She looks down. "I remember.." I can hear her faintly. "You.. What?" She looks up. "Luke I remember everything. Michael. You. Calum. Ashton.... What am I going to do? Ashton and I just had sex.. Luke.. I can't hurt them. I can't..." I stare at her in shock.

*Calums POV*

I walk up te stairs with a smile on my face. Kenzie was awake long enough that we could talk. I feel awesome. I'm ready to give the lads some food and go to practice and get to recording. "Okay... What do you need to talk to me about?" I stop. Its Luke. I'm atleast two flight of stairs away. I hear Ariel say something but I can't make it out. "You what?" There's a pause. ""Luke I remember everything. Michael. You. Calum. Ashton.... What am I going to do? Ashton and I just had sex.. Luke.. I can't hurt them. I can't..." My eyes widen and I accidentally drop one of the sodas. "Fuck." I mutter and quickly turn to get through the door. I can't believe she remembers... And.. she had sex with Ashton? She.. How could she have sex if she remembered.. I thought she loved Michael... Now Ashton... The whole bands falling apart... I get in the elevator so they don't know I was in the stair case. When the elevator doors open I step out to see Luke storming away from Ariel. He stops and smiles at me. "Hey mate." I smile back. "Hey. I brought food." I look over to Ariel to see her looking down. "Hey Ariel I brought food!" She wipes at her face and looks over. "Oh. Okay. Cool."

*Ariels POV*

We hear something drop down the stairs. We look but see no one. We go back up the stair and go out the door. "You have to tell them." I look down. "Luke.. How.. How do I tell them? It will hurt Ashton so much.. Michael won't want to talk to me..." I look up to ses anger flooding in Lukes face. "I don't give a fuck how you do it but you better fucking tell them and make this right. Michael is passed out fucking drunk. He's a mess. Make it right Ariel. You're not going to fuck this band up." Luke storms away from me and I look down. I feel the tears start to brim in my eyes. I try to push them back but fail. "Hey Ariel I brought food!" I wipe my eyes quickly. "Oh okay. Cool." I turn to start to walk towards Calum when a door opens. "Oh hey there you are beautiful. Where did you go?" I sigh and turn to Ashton. "I uh.. I was going to get food from Calum."

*AUTHORS NOTE* Hey guys. I'm so sorry I haven't been updating... I've had a lot going on. I got third degree burns on my left hand. Then I had to get surgery done on my ear because the tubes weren't working blah. Long story. Thennn I got sick. I've been really since ever since and the worst part was yesterday was my birthday. Today I'm supposed to go see my family becauss I'm getting a new car. >.> But yeah. I'll update more soon. Sorry again for not updating.

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