Disconnected *Sequel to Depressed Girl*

Waking up from another nightmare. I look out the window sighing. Will this ever quit? I roll over turning my phone alarm off. Another day. I get up opening the balcony doors only to be met by screaming fans. I walk over to the edge waving. Another day like this.


5. Shouldn't Have Left

*Ariels POV*

"Get the fuck off me Ross! I need space!" I groan from the pain of my head. He rolls his eyes. "Whatever. Call me later." I roll my eyes back walking away. "Fuck you." He groans. "WHAT DID I EVEN DO?!?" i ignore him walking outside. "Ariel!" I turn. "Oh... Hey Ashton.." He smiles running up to me. "Ashton stop. Please. It's not the same. It will never be the same.. Everythings wrong. I've changed you've changed.. Lets just stop." He looks at me weird. "I... I'm sorry Ariel.. I was just.. I'll just see you later at the stadium.." I look at him. "What?" He looks at me funny. "We got a text confirming you were goint to be with us today.... You're supposed to work with us." I turn around. "I uh.. I have to go."

*Ashtons POV*

I think about what Ariel said.. It can be the same.. Why is she with that dick Ross anyways.. I groan. "Hey Cal." Kenzie slaps him and walks away "Oh shit." he turns to me looking pissed off. "WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO?!?" I roll my eyes. "Everything... What did you say?" He groans and face palms. "It's embarrassing." I smirk. "What was it?" He shakes his head his face still in his hands. "Calum what did you fucking say." He groans. "I told her that I didn't like her outfit because it wasn't on the ground." I bust out laughing. "OH MY GOD CALUM!" He punches me. "Fuck you." I grab my arm but continue to laugh. "Who fucking says that?!?" By now he's already halfway to the elevator. "THATS GREAT!" I scream after him. He turns around and starts to rub towards me pissed off. "Oh shit." I turn and run as fast as I can.

*Michaels POV*

"A PARTY?! FUCK YEAH I WANT TO PARTY!" I throw my stuff down running to the door. "Lets go!" The lads laugh but follow. "Who will be there?!" No one answers so I keep asking questions. "Hurry hurry hurry woo a party." We get to the place it felt like it took ages. "HEY!" I run up to the door and they let me in... The first thing I notice is that there are a bunch of hot girl. Then I spot the drinks. I walk over chugging a beer. I grab my second and walk back over to the boys. "Where's Kenzie?" Calum glares at me then walks away. "Damn whats up his ass?" Ashton starts to laugh. "He told Kenzie her clothes would look better on the floor." I nearly spit my drink out trying not to laugh. I notice Luke isn't reay paying much attention to us so I look over to what he's staring at. I see it almost immediately. Kenzie kissing her boyfriend. Practically dry humping him. I groan. "Of course they'd be here."

*Ariels POV*

"Oh, Hey, Hey Calum!!" I pull away from Ross. "Get the fuck off me! Let me go!" He groans then roll his eyes. "Whatever." I walk quickly to get to Calum. "Hey!" He turns to me. "Hey how's it going?" He look at me angrily. "Why would you fucking care? We'll never be the same remember? It will never be the same. You hurt my best mate. You left. You left all of us. I thought we were supposedly friends and you fucking left. This will never work. We will never be friends again. Never. So jyst leave. Get away. Don't fucking come back." I feel the tears start to come in my eyes but I clear my throat instead. "Um. Yeah. Um sorry. Yeah you're right." I turn walking away quickly. I look around trying to find Ross but don't see him anywhere. I sigh walking back to get a drink. I grab a drink turning around. When I turn around I see Michael. He's staring right at me. I look down walking quickly to the stairs. When I go to walk up the stairs I see him. Ross has a girl pressed against the wall. He starts to kiss down her neck. I feel hot tears start to burn my cheeks. I take the engagement ring up at him. He looks away from the girl only long enough to see me running. The tears come faster and faster. I run into someones arms. "Ariel?" I cry against their chest. "Ariel whats going on?" I get the courage to look up. "He.. He was... He was kissing another girl." Ashton face turns into anger but Calum beats him. "Where is he?" I point and Calum takes off. "I'm so sorry.. I'm so sorry I left you guys.. I'm so sorry I got with that dick.. I'm so sorry." I cry even harder falling to my knees. "I can't do anything right Ashton." I sob but he picks me up. "Lets find Calum and then we'll leave okay." I manage a faint okay before I start to sob into his shirt. He carries me looking for Calum. When he finally fines him he has Ross by his shirt collar and is beating the fuck out of him. "Who. The. Fuck. Do. You. Think. You. Are. How. Dare. You." He says everything word with every punch. "Calum.." He stops and turns to me. Blood is running all down Ross's face and all over Calum. He gulps shoving Ross away. "Ashton please put me down.. I need to go.." When I go to stand up my legs feel like rubber. I fall. "I can't do this anymore..."

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