Disconnected *Sequel to Depressed Girl*

Waking up from another nightmare. I look out the window sighing. Will this ever quit? I roll over turning my phone alarm off. Another day. I get up opening the balcony doors only to be met by screaming fans. I walk over to the edge waving. Another day like this.


2. proposal.

*Lukes POV*

"SO GLAD YOU GUYS HAD FUN! THANK YOU CHICAGO!" We run off the stage. "ready?" They all nod. We walk into the back going straight the interviewer. "Hello boys." We all sit down. As we all get ready and dry off some of the sweat and wait for the interview to start, I watch Michael mess with his mic sighing. I know what he's thinking. "They're going to ask me about Ariel..." He answers my thought. I pat him. "Don't worry mate. It's going to be okay." Calum walks over slapping Kenzie on the ass. I still feel weird about Kenzie since she helped kidnap us but Calum really like her so... I sigh turning towards the camera smiling. "Ready." We all look at each other. "Yep."

*Michaels POV*

So far they haven't asked me about Ariel. I'm glad about that. I laugh and mess with the boys like always. It kind've feels like normal for a little. "So Calum you're dating.. Kenzie?" He smiles nodding. "Yes. Want to meet her?" The interviewer says yes and Kenzie comes over and says a few things then they turn to Luke. "Anyone special?" Luke answers then its my turn. "Michael.. How are you? Have you found anyone new? Is it hard since Ariel?" I gulp. "I'm fine..." I stop. "Actually. I'm not going to lie. We're supposed to be completely honest with the 5sos fam. No. I'm not fine. At all. I feel like total shit. You guys might think its ridiculous because its been two years. She was my first love. It hurts like hell. Everyday I dread getting up but I still do it. I still live my life only to have it shoved in my face she just up and left randomly! You guys ask all the time 'have you found someone new?' No. I haven't found anyone new. Its hard. Its so hard to have a broken heart and I know you guys know that So stop asking me." I stand up walking off then I stop. I turn around and walk back up. "I love the 5sos fam so fucking much. I can't wait to see you guys again." Then I turn and walk away again. Not looking back.

*Ariels POV*

I groan rolling over onto Ross. "I don't want to get up." I pout. Her rubs my back and I bury my face into his stomach. "Its okay babe.. How about you call in sick " I smile. "That sounds great." He smiles back. "Okay you call them. I'm going to go get movies and food. Sound good?" I nod kissing him. Once he leaves I pull my phone out. "Ariel watch this please." "Ariel Michael confessed his love you." My eyes widen and I click on the tweet. I listen to what Michael said. I close my eyes shaking my head. "I have Ross.." When Rods gets back with the food I attack him kissing him and wrapping my legs around him. "Did you miss me?" I giggle kissing him again. "I did." He smile in the kiss. "Good." he starts to kiss down my neck but I can't help but think about Michael. "I'm hungry." I push him away running to the food. He gives me a weird look but quickly recovers. I sigh quietly. I can't keep thinking about him.

*Calums POV*

"Kenzie. Come here." She runs into my arm. "How you feeling?" He one arm still hangs limp. Useless. I regret everyday letting her help us. She wraps her one good around around me. "Hey baby." I smile kissing her. I clear my throat. "I have to go out with someone tonight. Soooo. I'm going to leave you with Ashton. Okay?" she rolls her eyes. "I don't need a babysitter." I groan. "Kenzie just stay with Ashton. I'll feel a lot better." She rolls her eyes again. "Whatever makes you happy baby." I smile. "thank you." She smiles back. "Who are you going out with?" I kiss her. "Just some girl. Nothing much." I can tell she's getting jealous and I love it. "A girl?" I nod. I need her to be jealous. "Yeah some girl. Luke says she's hot but I don't know." She looks down but I kiss her on the forehead. "I'll be back at 8." She nods.

*later on*

I pace back and forth. I'm so nervous. Its not everyday you ask a girl to marry you. I check to make sure the food was ready. I sigh. Stop worrying Calum stop worrying. I check my phone. "5 minutes away. Be ready." my heart starts to race. I canmt do this. I can't do it. I sit down staring at the door. Finally I see her. Ashton points towards the door and she walks in smiling. Then she sees me. She gives me a weird look. I stand up waiting for her. Ashton gives her a slight push. "get over there." She walks over. "Calum?" I clear my throat. "Kenzie. I love you... So so much. You don't understand my love for you." I kneel down. Her eyes start to water and then I tie my shoe and stand up. "Okay so anyways. I love you so much and.." She smacks me. "You asshole!" I look at her weirdly. "What?" She rolls her eyes. "You know exactly what." I chuckle. Ashton texts me. "Get it done we wanna see it!" Luke waves from behind Ashton. I grab Kenzies hand. "I do love you baby. I really do." The food comes over and on top theres the ring. She stares at it. "Oh Calum..." I smile standing up and kneeling beide her. "You already have the ring but uh.. Yeah. This is the real proposal." I see the tears start to roll down her cheeks. "Of course I'll marry you." I jump up picking her up. "I will make sure everyday you know how much I love you." The lads run in screaming woo as the people thats working in the restaurant start to clap.

*AUTHORS NOTE* Sorry it took so long to update. I had this all ready and it deleted.. I had to type it all over again and I changed a lot of it *sighs* I hope its not crappy and I'll postanother chapter tomorrow c:

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