Disconnected *Sequel to Depressed Girl*

Waking up from another nightmare. I look out the window sighing. Will this ever quit? I roll over turning my phone alarm off. Another day. I get up opening the balcony doors only to be met by screaming fans. I walk over to the edge waving. Another day like this.


8. Play Your Heart Out

*Ashtons POV*

"I.. I just need to see her one more time." I walk into the room looking over Ariel. Tears running down my face. "I'm so sorry love.." I put my hand over hers. More tears coming. "I wish I could've stopped you... Maybe it wouldn't have been this bad." I turn away not being able to look at her anymore. "I love you.. Always." I walk out of the room. "Okay.. You can take her now.." I feel more tears streaming. "Hey.. Its okay... I know its hard dude.. I know its hard to leave someone.. I know its hard for them to leave you.." Calum puts his arm around me. "You just gotta keep going though.. Come on mate. Play your heart out."

*Calums POV*

We're in the middle of practice waiting to film our video when there are loud bangs on the door. I sigh putting my bass down and walking over Luke not far behind. I open the door. "Hell- KENZIE!" I look seeing her fall. Her throat has been slit. I run as fast as I can. "Baby? Baby shh." I hold her. "CALL SOMEONE NOW!" The security team comes running. "Sh baby girl shh." It seems like stuff like this keeps happening. I cry against her hair putting pressure like they tell me to. Blood pouring out everywhere. "Please baby.. Please.. Don't leave me.. I need you." We get her to the hopsital not much longer. "Sir you have to stay back here." I put my hands behind my head the tears running faster. "Why why why why.. If I wouldn't have said that. If she wouldn't have had a reason to get mad at me.." I slam my fist into the wall not really feeling the pain. "I don't understand why this happens to us... Why.. Why us?" Ashton grabs me pulling me into a hug. "She's going to be fine. Maybe they didn't cut somewhere that is essential.." I cry fighting against him. "I need to be alone."

*Lukes POV*

"Everythings happening so fast.. First Ariel Then Michael shows up late to practice with shit all over him.. And now.. Kenzie.. Why is this happening?" I put my face in my hands. "Now you understand why I haven't dated anyone.." I whisper to Ashton. He pats my back. "I know Luke... I know." I shake my head. "This is all shit.. I wish this would've never happened I wish we would have never been found on youtube.. I just wish we weren't famous.." Ashton shakes his head. "No.. Think about all the good it has brought us.. Yes there has been major bumps in the road but look at the fans. Its just.. Its exhilarating Astounding.. don't ever wish we weren't found because you know thats not true Luke." I watch Ashton get up and walk away. I sigh. I check my phone nothing. I look over for Michael. He's nowhere. I sigh again. "She's going to be okay.." I close my eyes feeling so tired. Soon I fall asleep with my head against the wall.

*Michaels POV*

*Flashback* "I'm very sorry.. Sir.. Please.. Calm down.. I know its hard.. Here take a drink." She hands me something and I try to drink it but fail. The tears fall harder. "I.. I didn't get to tell her how much I loved her.. How can she be gone? How..." I shoot up. "ARIEL?!?" I look around sweat pouring off me my heart racing tears stinging my cheeks. I realise I'm in my room. "It was all a dream.. It was all a dream.." I put my head on my legs. "Ariels okay.. She's.. She's not gone..." *End of flashback* I shake my head sick of seeing that flashback over and over.. That dream was terrible.. Ariel is hurt.. Now Kenzie.. I sigh. "I'm so sorry Ariel.." I put my hand over hers. "I really am baby girl.. I will not let this happen again even if you hate me.. Even if you don't remember me.. I will help you.. Ariel.." The doctors say that since she is in such a deep coma and had a lot of seizures she has 80% chance of not remembering us all.. I will not let that stop me.. I will do everything I can.. I walk the street going to the place where he is. The one that did this. The one that helped hurt Kenzie and hurt Ariel. I know it was him. I know it was. I open the door walking in. I go to the back. "Ahh. Michael coming for more?" I ignore his question. "Where is he?" He looks at me strangely. "Now Michael.. I can't tell you where my best worker is. I don't want him getting hurt." I don't even think I grab Blane by his collar. "Tell me where the fuck he is NOW." He struggles against my grip. "Now Michael.. We don't want to get in any trouble now do we? One snap of the fingers and you're dead.. I can't tell you where my best seller is I told you this." I put him down. "What if I found you a better seller?" He thinks for a little then smiles. "Tempting. If you can find me one then sure he is at a house. Here I'll tell you the adress." He gives me the adress. "Now remember.. If you don't get me a seller. Don't forget what will happen." I roll my eyes. "Yeah yeah."

I find Ross at the adress Blane told me. He's with some girl. I bust through the door. Ross looks over at me. "Woah dude. What the fuck?" I pick him up and slam him on the ground. "This. Is. For. Ariel. You. Fucking. Hurt. Her." I say with every punch. He gets a good punch in knocking me off guard letting him get the advantage. "SO FUCKING WHAT?!? NOT LIKE SHE'S DEAD." I shove him off me running at him. "SHE FUCKING OVERDOSED! SHE ALMOST IS! DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND THE DAMAGE!" His face suddenly turns. "She.. She what?" I hit him again and again. He doesn't even try to fight me this time. When I finally feel like I've done enough I throw him on the ground kicking him. I won't turn into him. I will not kill. "This is for Kenzie." I slam my fist into his face once more watching his eyes rolls back and then he's out. I turn and walk hearing the girl crying. She runs past me. "Ross?? Ross!"

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